It's hard to describe the freedom that comes after owning a Recreational Vehicle. The main attribute, of course, being the ease of travel. Possessing an RV makes it possible for me to have lunch in Austin, and then be back in Los Angeles, chilling with my friends on...

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21 Paint Jobs To Avoid When Selling Your Car

21 PAINT JOBS TO AVOID WHEN SELLING YOUR CAR Whenever you plan on selling your car, make sure you clean it inside out. If you don't have the ability to clean it yourself (maybe you live in California where there is a draught), go ahead and take it to a car wash and...

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How to Talk to a Used Car Salesman

You are in the market for a used car. However, you aren't the type to email car dealers like we have previously recommended. Instead, you just want to get out into the battlefield and go to war and find your perfect used car. Well, if this is the case, you are going...

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How to Get a Car Loan With No or Bad Credit?

Is your credit or lack of it stopping you from obtaining a loan? Are you trying to figure out how to get a car loan with no or bad credit? There are ways to get around your lackluster credit store, so don’t be disheartened. The trick is to organize your facts and your...

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle

Everybody has something they've always wanted to do. Some people dream of traveling to far off countries and exotic locations; others spend their time daydreaming of owning the perfect home or finally being able to work a certain job. Some of these things can be...

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Finding the Value of Your Car

If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle or trade in your existing car for an upgrade, we recommend consulting some useful resources that will help you determine the right value of your car. There are several guides that specialize in automobile trends and prices,...

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New or Used Car? (When buying New is better)

You decided it's time to finally buy a car. Nowadays, there are a lot of different options - you can buy a new or used car. And if you buy used, you have the option of buying CPO from the dealer, used car from a dealer, or used car from a private party. Many people...

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3 Things You May not Have Known about the Nada Book

If you're planning to buy or sell your used car in the near future, you've probably had at least one person tell you to "check the Nada book value." It's no secret that this book is widely used and respected in the automotive industry, especially when it comes to used...

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4 Tips for Getting the Most Money for Your Used Truck

Are you planning to sell your used truck in the near future? If so, you'll certainly want to get the absolute best deal. However, getting the most money for your used truck can be a bit of a challenge, especially in a recovering economy. Fortunately, these four tips...

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