Kelley Blue BookThe term Blue Book refers to the compilation of statistics and information. This term came into existence in 15th century, used by the Parliament of United Kingdom for record-keeping. It is more of a style guide which prescribes the widely used legal citation system in the US. It serves various departments like Jewelry, Legal, Media, Science, Transportation etc. The automobile blue book was an American series of road guides for motoring travelers in the US and Canada. By 1910, it became standard publication of its type.

One of an automobile blue book which is famous in the US and Canada is Kelley Blue Book. It was founded by Leslie Kelley and has been around for more than 75 years. It began as a dealership company but later transformed into an automotive vehicle valuation company. Kelley Blue Book, also known as KBB, first came into print in 1918, but eventually it was embraced by private sellers and local buyers. Its website has been operational since 1995 which serves as an important tool for evaluating a vehicle online.

Kelley Blue Book published a consumer release around 1993 and it became popular for providing price ranges for used vehicles. They gathered a complete list of vehicles with information like make, model, year of manufacture, mileage etc statistics and provided a rough estimate of the vehicle. The automobile record report which you can access from CAR HISTORY CHECK enable you to investigate that auto facts concerning some sort of vehicle's identity, registration along with use record. Every report exhibits the results of extensive hunt for: significant incident deterioration; salvage or perhaps rubbish autos; deterioration coming from air, ton or perhaps flame; miles mistakes or perhaps odometer rollback; vehicles produced out of the United States which does not conforms to the US emission standards.

KBB recommends a thorough 100 point checkup of the vehicle before it is even considered fit for the resale. Any vehicle on resale must have a good track record and must not be used for any illegal purposes. This information is verified using the vehicle's registration number. Any vehicle with a good record and satisfied 100 point inspection is considered good to be sold in the market. If you are a buyer, you must also check for or ask the original owner for all this information and verify the same in person.

Shoppers must satisfy themselves with all the conditions before making any purchases. If you are considering to buy a car, for instance, you must ask for the price at which the seller wants to sell its car and verify the same with Kelley Blue Book price guide. You need to have the information like make, model, year of manufacture in your hand in order to take the complete benefit of KBB. The condition of the vehicle is the most important factor in deciding the price. Naturally, if the condition is good the buyer has the right to sell it at higher price and if the condition is poor, it becomes eligible for bargaining as the buyer will have to incur some money to restore the condition of the car.

Kelley Blue Book's online tool offers great assistance in buying/selling a car. It gives users the option to list the condition of the vehicle on a range from Excellent to Poor, which will adjust the price and value, resulting in a more accurate quote. Just like the physical copy of Kelley Blue Book, the online tool makes the evaluation a very quick process. All you need to do is, provide the information : Make, Model and the Year of Manufacture and you will get an estimated value within few seconds.

The efforts that Kelley Blue Book has put in has made the buying/selling process much easier and has helped millions of buyers and sellers in the US and Canada.