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Whenever you plan on selling your car, make sure you clean it inside out. If you don't have the ability to clean it yourself (maybe you live in California where there is a draught), go ahead and take it to a car wash and get it detailed. Another good tip... avoid bad paint jobs. You will see in this post just how bad they can actually be.


People love their cars. They love to modify them. Some add new rims... some add spoilers... and some decide to paint. It really is amazing what some people will do. The average person usually won't even think about changing the color of their vehicle. If they want bold colors, they will choose bright blue or yellow. Others like to get a little more creative as you will see below. This is probably why car manufacturers decide on car colors, because if you left these choices to some people - we would be in trouble.


What makes some people decide to take it this far? Are they bored? Do they like the attention? Who knows! But thanks to them, we get to enjoy these crazy custom paint jobs.


Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry when you see what they do to their very expensive vehicles. Below is a gallery of some of our favorite bad paint jobs on vehicles. Enjoy!



truck sitting toilet

Credit: Wheels Near U 1

Toilet painted on the side of a plumbing truck. Lets hope the driver inside really isn't using the toilet. A toilet painted on the side of the truck may let you bypass a lot of traffic, because when nature calls... it calls.


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