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Our Team

Jeff Martin

Content Manager

Jeff Martin is a seasoned content manager with a deep-rooted passion for all things automotive, particularly motorcycles and snowmobiles. With a love for the roar of engines and the thrill of the ride, Jeff has turned his enthusiasm into a career, curating engaging content that resonates with fellow wheel aficionados. His expertise is not just theoretical; it's hands-on and heartfelt, passed down from his father who introduced him to the art of motorcycle maintenance. Whether it's a classic bike restoration or the latest snowmobile tech, Jeff's insights and stories are fueled by genuine experience and a lifelong love for any machine that rolls on wheels.


Jack Robbins

Senior Editor

Jack Robbins is the insightful senior editor behind the wheel of our site's RV content, steering readers through the expansive world of recreational vehicles with expertise and enthusiasm. With a background in RV sales, Jack has a wealth of knowledge that only years of hands-on experience can bring. His transition from sales to editorial content was driven by a desire to share his passion and know-how with a broader audience, helping adventurers of all stripes discover the joys of the open road and the freedom of the RV lifestyle. Jack's articles are more than just guides; they're the compass by which many RV enthusiasts navigate their travels and dreams.


Ed Black

Head Editor

Ed Black is the head editor at Nada Book Info, where his expertise and passion for cars drive the content to new horizons. With an affinity for the classics, Ed not only writes about cars but also dedicates his time to restoring them, wrenching under the hoods of his own vintage treasures at home. His appreciation for automobiles extends to any vehicle capable of motion, embodying a spirit that believes in the beauty of movement and the engineering behind it. Ed's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with cars fuel his ability to deliver in-depth, engaging articles that resonate with auto enthusiasts and casual readers alike.