Edmunds Car Review - Reviews for New Cars in Edmunds.com

Edmunds.com - where smart car buyers start” is the slogan that Edmunds.com run under and for sure they deliver. It is the best place for individuals who want to check for car reviews especially if it is your first time. Edmunds Car Review includes in-depth information such as how the car feels like on the road since they perform actual road tests, a guide for buying cars, videos, and a whole lot more. If you would like to begin your Edmund.com experience, all you have to do is follow the following steps.

Basically the first step is visiting the page of Edmunds in the internet and click on the tab that reads CAR REVIEWS. This is found at the top of the homepage.

Next is to click the SEARCH ALL option. Where you are going to click it depends on the kind of review you want. You can choose between two categories. One of the two categories is the Vehicle Overview. This category talks about the car in a general sense. The second category is labeled as Test Drive Review, which basically talks the feel of the car while using it. And rest assured that this information is accurate because they also have employees who does actually test drives with the cars. This is made possible with the connection that have with car manufacturing companies.

Once in the section, you can narrow down your search even further. All you have to do is select the brand, make, and model of the car you are interested in.

If you chose the Vehicle Overview category, make sure to read the review thoroughly. This will provide you with the information that you truly need. You may also use the links that are associated with every car. This will provide you with the additional input with regards to the car of your choosing.

Road Tests on the other hand offer different kinds of review. This will depend on which test you are more interested in. But since you already are on it, it might be best to read through all the tests. This will be able to provide you with a comprehensive view of the car.

If you want to review other cars which you are interested in, just do the same thing over again. No one is stopping you anyway.

Edmunds Car Review is more than just reviews. Under the CAR REVIEWS page, you may choose from a wide array of links which redirect you to different guides which you may choose from. In addition, it also provides different images and videos with regards to the cars which are on display, different columns, and blogs.

It is easy to decide what type of car you would like to purchase. The difficult part is choosing which brand to purchase it from. You can make use of Edmunds’ Buying Guides which is found on the reviews page. It will help you narrow down your choice and select the models of the brand you have selected. However, you can also use other guides like NADA guide or Kelley Blue Book for the Blue Book value of a car you have selected.

Moreover, they also offer a list of the Top Ten Cars which they deem are better suited for their guests. This is updated monthly which ascertains latest trends including complaints about the car. They have also included a Top Ten List of cars with the lowest true cost of ownership (TCO). Both these list may be able to help you in your decision especially if you haven’t decided which car to buy.

Yes, the web site may be a great way in making a final decision. But they recommend you go to a dealer first because nothing beats experiencing it first-hand. Once you have decided after going through an actual test drive, then you purchase online. You can never be too careful. You can never be too careful. You can also search for what the actual cost of the car should be by looking for its Blue Book value at NADA guide or Kelley Blue Book before making up your mind for negotiation.

Edmunds Car Review provides as much information for used cars as it does new cars. You may find it very interesting especially that you can get it at a cheaper price. Spend more time browsing through the different reviews, maybe you’ll find something that piques your interest.

Car Review Sites

There are a ton of car review sites aside from Edmunds Car Review at Edmunds.com which also provides pertinent information regarding cars. These include Epinions, Cars, TrueDelta, and Consumer Reports. It may be good to hop around these sites so that you can gather enough information for a more informed decision. And don’t forget to consider NADA Guide or Kelley Blue Book for the estimated Blue Book value before you make up your decision.