Edmunds Used Car For Your Car Evaluation

Edmunds Version of the Blue Book

Assessing a vehicle’s true market value is important when it comes to knowing how you would fair in the market. And Edmunds has been a huge help to buyers and sellers alike when it comes to putting them in a position for a good deal. This is why they have improved their services by publishing their own version of the Blue Book where it enumerates the True Market Value of used and new cars.

But now, its version of the Blue Book is now in the internet as well. This allows people to gain access to a list of True Market Values for cars that they would like to have. In addition, it also provides other information regarding reviews and other information such as accessories and the car’s feel during a drive.

Edmunds Blue Book History

Though Edmunds started providing the public information regarding car’s True Market Value since 1995. But if asked when it was founded, the answer may be very far. Edmunds.com started providing varied service way back in 1966. Back then, it was as simple as providing people information regarding cars and possibly reviews to help them decide. It was truly a car enthusiasts’ dream site. But, since then they have expanded in terms of services that they make available to the public and the number of employees. And we should not forget the kinds of employees they have as well.

Edmunds’ Significance

The employees of Edmunds are the best at what they do. Their staff is composed of individuals who specialize in certain field which may become necessary when determining a car’s value in the market. Examples of these staff members are statisticians for the car value trend analysis, people who does the research for car information including test drives. In addition, they also have pricing managers and programmers. These individuals have been diligently studying the trends of new and used car prices and have been keeping a close eye with the fluctuations in the market.

Edmunds’ version of the Blue Book is usually released everytime a model is being released. So, it can be said that it is one of the most reliable sources when coming in terms to the True Market Value of cars.

The Functions of Edmunds

Its Blue Book not only helps you sellers, buyers, and dealers learn about what a car truly is worth in the market, it can also help appraisers in the deciding the appraisal rating of a car.

Benefits of its Blue Book

The Blue Book by Edmunds can also help individuals look at things in a deeper perspective. It allows us to learn more about a car which are often overlooked. These factors may include reports about its crash tests, notices regarding its parts, and more importantly the overall feel of the car.

Edmunds car review has become an essential tool over the years to get the true market value reviews from their experts. Under the Edmunds car review section on their website, you can see various factors based on which the reviews are shared.

In addition, they also gathered other pertinent information for different car’s which are available in the market. In short, they provide a very comprehensive database. They also provide its guests online calculators which helps them get an estimate what other individuals are possibly paying for the same type of car. The resultant number may be more or less accurate since the formula that their system uses is standard for the calculation of True Market Value.

Blue Book Features

Edmunds.com can also provide data regarding the TMV of cars in your locality. All you have to do is provide the make and model of your preference. And to further narrow it down, it may be best to enter your zip code as well.

In addition, its Blue Book also provides appraisal values of a car. Comparisons may also be done. And you can also use Edmunds.com in setting up appointments with different dealers. This may be important in the long run because having to test the car before purchasing it gives you first hand knowledge. This will be the X-factor in determining whether the car is for you.

Special Consideration

The only drawback with Edmunds Blue Book is that it does not include specific fees and charges, especially those which are region specific. That is why those who are looking to buy a car should include this in their own calculation in order to get the final value of the vehicle that they desire.

Using the Blue Book as an Appraisal Guide

Using it to appraise a car is easy. First you click Used Cars on its home page. Once it redirects you the next page, choose the make, model, and the year of the care from different drop down boxes which is located under Appraise Used CAR. Enter your zip code for local value purposes and click Appraise It.

In addition, you may also specific features in the Customize Your Appraisal. This will provide you with the cars with the specific customizations that you are looking for in a car. Remember, with these specifics, the value may be higher than usual.

Lastly, you may also choose different values. This includes Trade-In, Private Party Sale, or Dealer Retail.