RV enthusiasts often find themselves customizing their vehicles to better suit their needs and preferences. In the YouTube video at the bottom of the article, the host takes us through a detailed review of various modifications made to their RV over time. From practical storage solutions to convenient upgrades, this video offers a wealth of information for anyone looking to enhance their RV experience. Below, we break down some of the key modifications discussed in the video and evaluate their effectiveness and utility.

1. Extra Storage Solutions

One of the standout modifications is the addition of extra storage bolted to the bottom of the RV. The host uses an ammo can to store sewer connections, keeping them separate from other items to avoid contamination. This modification is highly recommended due to its practicality and ease of use, making it a definite keeper.

2. Combined Gray Water Outlet

The host also combined the gray water outlet for the kitchen with the main sewer outlet, reducing the need for multiple connection points. This modification significantly simplifies the process of dumping wastewater, proving to be a worthwhile improvement for ease of maintenance.

3. Slide-Out Protection Plates

To protect the bottom of the slides from wear, the host installed protective plates. While both stainless steel and HDP versions were used, the preference leaned towards the stainless steel for durability. This modification has proven effective in preventing damage, making it a valuable addition.

4. Additional Roller for Slide-Out Support

To address sagging issues, an additional roller was added to the center of a long slide-out. Although the improvement was modest, it did provide better support, making it a beneficial, albeit minor, modification.

5. Water Filter Tip

A quick tip shared in the video is to replace your water filter every three months and to use the date marking feature to keep track. This simple yet effective practice ensures clean water and optimal filter performance.

6. Custom Electrical Inlet

The host added a second electrical inlet to extend the reach of their power cord without needing an extension. This modification enhances convenience, especially when access to power sources is limited, making it a smart and useful upgrade.

7. Ventilation Adapter for Battery Bay

An adapter was created to use an existing vent for cooling the battery bay. While this modification is still a work in progress, it shows potential for improving ventilation and preventing overheating, indicating room for future enhancements.

8. Flexible Outdoor Kitchen Setup

Initially, a Blackstone griddle was installed on sliders for easy access, but this was later removed to allow for more flexible equipment storage. This change highlights the importance of adaptability in RV setups, catering to varying needs during different trips.

9. Propane Generator Quick Disconnect

A quick disconnect for the propane generator was installed, allowing for easy connection without a pressure regulator. This modification has been highly successful, providing a reliable and convenient power source on the go.

10. Pet-Screened Door

To prevent damage from pets, the host replaced the standard screen door with a pet screen. This modification has held up well over time, proving to be a durable and practical solution for pet owners.

11. Dual Air Conditioners

By installing a second air conditioner in the main living area, the host improved overall cooling efficiency. This modification is particularly beneficial for larger RVs, offering enhanced comfort during hot weather.

12. Additional Electrical Outlets

Extra outlets were added under the cabinets along the countertop, providing more convenient power access for kitchen appliances. This simple but effective modification is a great way to enhance functionality in the RV.

13. Custom Lighting Solutions

Strip lights were installed under cabinets and over the dining table, providing better task lighting. This modification enhances visibility and ambiance, making it a worthwhile addition for improved living conditions.

14. Reflectix Window Insulation

Reflectix insulation was attached to the windows using Velcro strips. While functional, the host noted that magnets might be a better alternative for easier application and removal, suggesting room for improvement.

15. Microwave Replacement with Air Fryer

The microwave was replaced with an air fryer, which better suited the host's cooking habits. While this might not be a popular choice for everyone, it worked well for their needs, illustrating the importance of personalized modifications.

16. Bathroom Modifications

Several modifications were made in the bathroom, including replacing glass shower doors with curtains for easier cleaning and weight reduction. These changes have held up well and are highly recommended for their practicality.

17. Real Wood Dining Table

A custom walnut dining table was installed, adding a touch of character and practicality. This modification not only looks great but also fits perfectly within the RV's space constraints, making it a favorite among the upgrades.

18. Custom TV Mount

A custom TV mount was created for better viewing angles in the back bedroom. This modification improved the usability of the TV without obstructing the window, making it a clever and effective solution.

19. Additional Shelving

Wire shelves were added in closets to improve storage organization. This simple modification effectively maximizes space, making it a no-brainer for any RV owner looking to enhance storage efficiency.

20. DVD Player Installation

A DVD player was installed in the bedroom, but with the rise of streaming services, it has become somewhat obsolete. This modification might not be necessary for most modern RV setups, reflecting the evolving nature of technology.

21. Soft Starts for Air Conditioners

Micro-Air Easy Starts were added to both air conditioners to facilitate easier starts on generators or inverters. This modification has been highly effective, ensuring reliable operation of the AC units.

22. Door Extensions for Privacy

Extensions were added to the bottoms of doors in the back bedroom and bathroom to improve privacy while maintaining airflow. This modification has proven to be a simple yet effective way to enhance comfort and privacy.

23. Weather Stripping for Doors

Weather stripping was added to the bottom of doors to improve insulation and privacy. This modification has been successful overall, despite minor wear and tear, making it a practical enhancement.

24. Shower Curtain Replacement

Replacing the glass shower doors with a curtain in the bathroom has proven to be a worthwhile modification. It simplifies cleaning and reduces weight, making it a practical choice for many RV owners.

25. Command Hook Wire Shelf

A wire shelf was added in the bathroom closet using command hooks, providing additional storage space. This simple and inexpensive modification has been effective in maximizing storage and is highly recommended.

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