Auto Junk Yards - How Much You Can Earn Selling Your Car To a Junkyard

There are times when a car is in no shape for use because it has grown too old. Or it could have met an accident and its body it too much wrecked to run again. These are two of the many situations in which you may decide to end your connections with it. Bringing it to a junkyard may be the wisest choice because neither an auction house nor pawnshop will take in something that will not be profitable. And restoring it for that purpose is too much. But still you can consult NADA guide or NADA Book for an estimated Blue Book Value and compare the difference in repairs and profit that can be earned after repairs.

Locating junk yards through your local directories should be your first option. Choose those which are near your location. And keep in mind the collateral costs which is included once you drive over to the place. In addition, you should also ascertain that the car will be able to reach the location without its condition aggravated. This will affect its value once you reach the area.

You may also call the junk yard ahead of time. This is in order to avoid wasting time and effort without the assurance of getting your car sold with the value that you were expecting. Important information should be shared once you take a hold of the line. Pour everything out - the description of the car that you want to sell, its condition, and any damages that may have been caused by the accident. And in response, the dealer may have their own set of question regarding the car especially those who are serious. Answer all their questions because this may important points that they will be considering in making an offer for your car.

But you should not approve of a price in a heartbeat; take time to listen what other junk yards have to offer. You make the decision which junk yard you are going to sell your car to once you have talked to all of the interested buyers. Compare the price that they are offering and the amount that you might spend in order to reach their location. Also, compare what NADA guide or NADA Book suggests for its Blue Book value if you are considering to repair your vehicle and then sell it. You need to see how much are going to gain once the deal is done. Remember that this is one of the many reasons that you are putting your car up for sale.

Next up is preparing the car for the transfer to the junk yard. First and foremost, you should remove all your valuables which you have kept inside the vehicle for so long. This might be one the most nostalgic moments of letting a car go. You will remember everything that happened inside that car and how those valuables remained inside.  In addition, you should also remove the car’s accessories which can still be used for the car that you will be replacing it with.

There are two ways to deliver the vehicle you promised to the junkyard. You either tow it or deliver it to them yourself - choose according to your convenience. One the car is in their hands; they will be checking it out thoroughly. If the car is just like how you described it would be, you will definitely get the price that you agreed over the phone. But with the slimmest of chance that it is better than how you portrayed it over the phone, then chances of the price going up is very high. On the other hand, if you overshot the description during the telephone conversation, there is also a chance that the buyer will decide to go for a lower sum of money or not take it at all.

Once the payment is made via check or cash, both sides should go over the signing of the Title Deed. Then check with the DMV to make sure that the title has been transferred in order to make sure that you will not be accountable for any incident that happens with the car.

Buying a Car at a Junkyard

The junkyard is a beehive of cars and car parts that costs cheap. It is a haven for those who look to rebuild their own cars. Yes, some may be damaged, but if you know how to properly look at it in detail, you may find a gem amongst the trash.

Just like any first step, you should find one around your locality. It can be found in the phone directory or online. You just need to be very diligent with your work. Once you found one, you should inquire whether they are selling car and car parts publicly. If they provide make and model number of the car then you can consult NADA guide or NADA Book for an estimated Blue Book value.

Do not leave any stone unturned when looking for a car that you would like to purchase. It may also have friends to come with you so that you will have someone to help you carry the truck over. A mechanic would also make good company if you do not know much about car repairs. He may also help you in deciding which cars to take when you are in the market looking for one that can still run. And once you find a car that you like, go over with the owner to negotiate how much they are willing to sell the car for, and you have a done deal. Show them the NADA guide or NADA Book suggested Blue Book value and deal like a pro.