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Last Updated on August 25, 2022

Who wouldn't love the idea of motorcycle camping? It's definitely a fun activity to love for! But make sure to have the best motorcycle camping tent ready before hitting the road for a long ride. Whenever you feel like resting for a few hours, motorcycle camping tents will be your perfect buddy for the night. If you have yet to find a good deal, get your self some help on deciding which one is the best pick by checking out the reviews in this post.

  • 2 Person Lightweight Compact Tent For Motorcycle Camping
  • Luxe Tempo Ultralight 1 Person Tent Backpacking with Footprint Sil Nylon Solo Hiking Bike Motorcycle Camping
  • Harley-Davidson Rider's 4-Person Motorcycle Dome Tent

Don't get too excited and spare some time to read the pros and cons of each product listed in this review. In that way, it would be easier for you to narrow down your choices and decide from there. If you're sure about the product and you feel like it matches all the benefits you need as a buyer, go buy it. Below is the name of each product along with the reviews, pros, and cons from users who have personally tried the products themselves.

2 Person Lightweight Compact Tent For Motorcycle Camping


Whenever we're out planning for our next adventure, deciding on what to bring during the travel always comes after. However, aside from planning and well-organizing the itineraries, travelers would always come looking for something that could make their escapade a lot more convenient and enjoyable. For motorcycle riders, camping tents are in the middle of their checklist.

As riders and as travelers, they prefer to bring only the handy and less bulky ones. Some tents may be too hassle to bring on a travel for a motorist, but the Lightweight Compact Tent proves it wrong. It is user-friendly and very easy to carry, so it's already a plus knowing that you're not just bringing the tent alone, but also a lot of important things like big backpacks where you put your main necessities.

It is well-made of a full mesh body and a full coverage rain fly with two doors and extra compartments for small gears storage space. Made of fabric with 4000 mm waterproof resistant, making it extra heavy duty perfect for all seasons. It comes with a reflective logo briefcase style storage bag and shorter aluminum pole sections for easier packing and assembling.


  • The stars are visible through the netting
  • Nice light tent
  • Pretty solid and durable
  • Zippers, mesh, rain cover all look good, and the design works out pretty well
  • Two doors are great for the middle of the night trip to relieve yourself and not have to crawl over the other person
  • Flexible
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Great quality metals
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Light enough to strap it to the top of the tour pack


  •  Tent design lets air in, which is not convenient for some

Luxe Tempo Ultralight 1 Person Tent Backpacking with Footprint Sil Nylon Solo Hiking Bike Motorcycle Camping

The Luxe Tempo Ultralight can only accommodate 1 person, which means this is only good for a solo traveler. If you think you need some "me" time with your backpack on and your big bike ready, you might want to give this one a try. This camping tent is made of the finest materials and has micro-mesh canopy that provides maximum ventilation control.

Setting aside the disadvantage of accommodating only one person, it comes into view with very useful features that many other camping tents don't have. If you're quite picky and meticulous about your travel must-haves, consider checking out the features of this product and you'll surely never have to say no. In addition to the benefits one can get from purchasing this camping tent, it's well-built with 7000 series aluminum poles with a unified single pole for faster assembling.

Despite the fact that this product has more than enough benefit to offer, it is easy-carry and easy to install with tons of additional features including the built-in adjustable hooded vent above the head which is responsible for cleaning up hot airs inside the tent. Unlike the generic tents that often claims to be water-resistant, this one has better water-resistant feature that has been proven by the reviews made its users.


  • Great air circulation
  • No signs of condensation on the inside after spending a night in it with rain fly fully staked out
  • Easy-carry
  • Easy set-up
  • Footprints are made out of standard polyurethane coated cloth
  • High-quality materials and craftmanship
  • Tent itself is freestanding
  • Very comfortable to sleep inside
  • The light grey color will make you feel calm and peace while resting
  • Packed size is perfect for solo travelers
  • Very lightweight
  • Size of the footprint and the frame matches perfectly


  • Others didn't receive a sleeping bag
  • Too much condensation build-up for some

Harley-Davidson Rider's 4-Person Motorcycle Dome Tent

Tents with 4-8 capacity works best for group travelers. The Harley-Davidson Rider motorcycle dome tent can comfortably accommodate 4 persons with enough space from front to the bottom side of the tent. If you're about to hit your next road trip with your fellow riders, you can never go wrong bringing this one to keep you warm and comfortable while resting during your stopovers.

For the features, it comes with breathable mesh roof panels that keeps the whole tent well-protected from storm flaps. In addition, it flaunts a clear visibility from its window that adds on extra light which is perfect for night camping. This also saves you more time to rest and relax given that it's very easy to install and adjust.


  • Awesome quality, great buy
  • Easy set-up, easy repack
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to pack on bikes and motorcycles
  • Detachable "garage"
  • Enough space
  • Multi-functional
  • Heavy-duty
  • Highly-durable tent
  • Very breathable

nylon is thin and tears easy in the zippers are poor quality. The vestibule sags


  • Nylon is thin and tears easily
  • Poor quality zippers

As a buyer, your buying decision will depend on your needs and preference in general. But with the help of checking out the pros and cons from the reviews made by real customers, you're giving yourself the easy way to learn more about the products and its functions. In that way, your decision might end up more accurate and fitting to what you are actually looking for. If you like rides and road trips on random days, you can never go wrong choosing one of these camping tents.