Car Lease Calculator

Car Lease Calculator for more Accurate Car Lease Payments

Car leases, along with your other bills, can consume most of your monthly budget; might as well calculate them accurately beforehand. You might just be able to do with the help of a car lease calculator. The car lease calculator is able to accurately come up with a number for monthly car leases payments and the total sum of the lease.

Just like most of the convenience that this generation has come to know, you can also find a car lease calculator online. And there are a lot of pages where you can locate one for your use. One of the most popular sites where you can find one is at Using the link at the bottom of this article, you may be redirected to in order to use their car lease calculator. You just have to enter the information asked from you by the car lease calculator. May be NADA Guide can help you in suggest in Lease Payments depending upon the Blue Book Value.

At, you are made sure that you will get an all-around, user-friendly, and credible lease calculator. All the use has to do is to input all the needed data regarding your car. The calculator on the other hand will do the math. It will be able to determine the costs that the cap ha adjusted to, the value of depreciation, finance charges, tax regarding total sales, the total sum for all leases payments and leases agreement, and more importantly, how much you are going to pay in a monthly basis. These values can be print out if you want it.

Coming up with the numbers is not easy though. It has to take into consideration multiple factors and run the numbers through different variables to come up with a total for your monthly car payments and the overall lease cost.

Factors considered would include: The retail price as suggested by the manufacturer of the car; the car’s base cap price and the negotiated price of the lease; deductions off the base cap because of the down payment made, trade-in, or rebate from the manufacturer; the vehicle’s residual value; rate of interest; the term of the lease; and sales tax. You can consult NADA Guide for an estimated Blue Book Value of the car you are willing to buy on lease.

In addition, you may use it in order to run different information and numbers to determine how one’s total cost for a lease can change. This is a good way in using the car lease calculator in learning the basics of a lease contract.

Calculating Auto Loans Lease Payments

Lease payment differs from having your car being paid on a monthly basis. The latter actually gets you to own the car by the time the loan has been paid. Lease payment contracts on the other hand mentions residual value which is the car’s value by the time the contract ends. This means that by the end of the contract, you will still be paying a sum of money in order for the car to be officially yours. It is the zero balance in an installment basis payment.

But you may be able to come up with the monthly lease payments ahead of time. It uses an equation with two parts as a basis. The first part is the amount that it sums up to as it depreciates in value. The basis for the depreciation value is the car’s mileage which is usually limited to a specific number. If you go over the cap additional fees will be added with every mile that you exceed.

The depreciation value is calculated by subtracting the residual value from the purchase price, and then divided by the duration that the contract will last.

Part two of the equation is the interest rate that you will be paying in accordance with the loan. Add the two parts and you will come up with a number which will be the sum you are to be paying the dealer on a monthly basis.

Interest rates are found out using the money factor used for the contract. This is usually given in a decimal format and is asked from the dealer.

In addition, you may also come up with the finance fee by adding the net cost plus the residual value of the car then multiple the sum with the money factor. Then add the finance fee and the depreciation value. The number that it results to is your monthly payment for the car’s lease.

Take some time to explore NADA Guide to get a quote on the car’s Blue Book Value.