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There will come a time when you automobile owners will make a decision regarding their vehicles and it is a toss-up between selling the car and trading it in. The most obvious choice would be to sell it, but looking for a buyer would take too much time and effort. On the other hand, trading it in requires only returning the car to the dealer where you bought it. It is that easy. And the next step is choosing a new car and adding more money as payment if the value of the car you desire does not equal to the one you traded in.

When you have decided to trade your car in, you should look at the situation from a car dealer’s point of view. For this very reason, you should know the value of the car you are trading in. And by doing so, you will be able to know your current car’s true value and in return paying less money as additional. So, it is wise to get your car appraised accurately and here are some tips as to how you will be able to do so. We will always recommend you to consult NADA Guide / NADA Blue Book for a good Blue Book value when buying or selling a car.

A car dealer’s life is not of luxury; it is in complete contrast to what most think because there is not much money that circulates in the job. That is why they study simple appraisal really hard for them to be able to provide expert information regarding a car. In this manner, they may be able to get the highest value from the cars. But in a trade-in standpoint, they should try to downgrade the car in order to get more sales.

This is when getting into the mind of a dealer comes in handy. Car dealers seldom use books for appraisal purposes; it is only used as a basis for appraisal points, and other than that, it is not much of use. This is why you either study appraising a car on your own or get a licensed appraiser to do the work for you.  This may prove to be very useful once you are in the market for a trade-in especially that dealers will find ways to lower your car’s value. Search for NADA Guide or NADA Blue Book on Google to find the suggested Blue Book Value of your car.

When trading a car in, there are two points which car dealers take into serious consideration. One is the date of the model’s production which should include the year or the month. And secondly, are the used car models which the dealer already has in stock.

In addition, it may also be very important that the car you are trading in fits the weather. This is vital because if it does not fit the season, the car dealer might not be able to re-sell it thus he will have losses. In return your car will be of lesser value if you force to trade it in. And you might regret doing so in the future when the car’s value increases because of the season. One should also be patient when trading in cars. Make sure that you will get the best value for it in the market.

In relation to the second consideration, the best way to determine whether the car dealer already has your model in store is by personally visiting the center. Take a look around. If he does not have such car in display, then your chances of getting the highest value for it may increase. If he already has your car, then hop to another dealer and see if you can raise your chances.

In addition, this may also be a great opportunity for you to inquire. It is the perfect opportunity to see whether the car that you would like to have in return is in display. This will save you time, efforts, and regrets later on. You need to plan your activities and think one step ahead of the dealer every time. Show them the NADA guide or NADA Book suggested Blue Book value and deal like a pro. You can read more about determining NADA Blue Book Value here and learn more about how to talk to a used car salesman here.

Arming yourself with the knowledge of appraising and taking in the perspective of a car dealer can be very useful in the long run. Once you do, you will be getting the most out of every car deal you make. You will be getting the most value and maybe some extra cash along the way.