Last Updated on July 11, 2024

When it comes to RVing, the community is full of passionate individuals with strong opinions. There is a great video that you can find below this article that explores some of the most hotly debated topics among RV enthusiasts. Whether it's about the best type of truck for towing or the right kind of toilet paper to use, these discussions can get quite heated. Let's dive into the list of controversial RV topics that every RVer should be aware of.

1. Front Cap Lights

One of the most contentious issues in the RV community is whether to leave the front cap lights on or off at night. Some RVers enjoy the added security and visibility that these lights provide, while others find them to be an intrusive nuisance that disrupts the peace of the campground. Jared Gillis mentions that this debate often sparks strong opinions on social media, with people firmly entrenched on both sides.

2. Toilet Paper Choices

The type of toilet paper used in an RV is another surprisingly controversial topic. Options range from RV-specific toilet paper to septic-safe and even regular household brands. Some RVers prefer to avoid using their RV toilet altogether, opting instead for campground facilities. Jared shares that his preference is for septic-safe toilet paper, emphasizing the importance of using plenty of water to avoid clogs.

3. Towing Vehicles

Perhaps the most heated debate revolves around the type of vehicle used for towing an RV. Brand loyalty runs deep, with fervent supporters of Ford, Chevrolet, and Ram trucks each claiming their choice is superior. This debate extends to the appropriate size and power of the towing vehicle, with some advocating for heavy-duty trucks even for small trailers, while others push the limits with lighter trucks towing large fifth wheels.

4. Water Filtration

Water filtration methods for drinking water vary widely among RVers, from bottled water to advanced systems like Berkey and reverse osmosis (RO). Jared notes that Berkey users tend to be particularly passionate about their choice, while he prefers an RO system that adds minerals back into the water. The debate also touches on the efficiency and practicality of these systems, especially when boondocking.

5. Gray Tank Management

Managing gray tanks—whether to leave them open or closed while hooked up to full hookups—is another divisive issue. Some RVers leave their gray tanks open to avoid overflow, while others keep them closed to ensure a thorough flush when emptying. Jared suggests a balanced approach, recommending that RVers collect some gray water to use for rinsing the system after dumping the black tank.

6. Tankless vs. Tank Water Heaters

The choice between tankless and traditional tank water heaters is a polarizing one. Those who have switched to tankless systems often enjoy the endless hot water supply, while others prefer the reliability and simplicity of tank water heaters. Jared acknowledges that there is a learning curve with tankless systems, but he and his family have found great satisfaction with their Truma tankless water heater.

7. Definition of an RV

Finally, there is a debate over what qualifies as an RV. Some argue that only motorized vehicles should be considered RVs, while others include towable options like travel trailers and fifth wheels. Jared finds this argument amusing, noting that even towable RVs have vehicle identification numbers and must be registered, making them vehicles by definition.

While these topics can spark intense debates, it's important to remember that RVing is about enjoying the journey and making memories. As the video wisely concludes, regardless of the differences in opinion, the goal is to get out there and enjoy the RV lifestyle. So, embrace the controversies and find what works best for you on the open road.

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