Managing your RV's grey water tanks can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you're at a full hookup campsite. However, there are compelling reasons to keep those tanks closed, even if it means monitoring your tank levels more closely. Inspired by Kyle from the YouTube channel Driving and Vibin', this article explores why you should keep your RV grey tanks closed and the benefits of doing so.

1. Prevent Scum Build-Up

One of the primary reasons to keep your grey tanks closed is to prevent scum from attaching to the tank walls. When grey water is allowed to build up and then flushed out in larger quantities, it helps reduce the amount of scum that can accumulate. This practice can significantly minimize unpleasant odors that sometimes can be even worse than those from the black water tank.

2. Avoid Nasty Odors and Flies

Keeping your grey tanks open can create a direct connection between your RV and the campground's waste system. This connection allows foul odors and even flies to travel up through the sewer lines and into your RV. Kyle from Driving and Vibin' experienced this firsthand and noted that keeping the tanks closed helped prevent these unwanted smells and pests from entering their living space.

3. Maintain a Clean System

By keeping the grey tanks closed, you ensure that the water and waste are flushed out in larger, more forceful quantities. This method helps keep the entire system cleaner by pushing out any debris that might otherwise settle and cause blockages. Regularly flushing your tanks in this way can help maintain a more efficient and hygienic waste management system in your RV.

4. Minimize Potential Damage

Monitoring your grey tank levels and keeping them closed can help you avoid potential damage to your RV. Overflowing grey tanks can lead to leaks and water damage in your RV's undercarriage or storage bays. Although it requires more attention to tank levels, this practice can prevent costly repairs and ensure your RV remains in good condition.


While it may seem inconvenient, keeping your grey tanks closed offers several benefits, from preventing scum build-up and nasty odors to maintaining a cleaner system and minimizing potential damage.

For a detailed explanation and more tips, check out the full video by Kyle: