Last Updated on July 11, 2024

Free camping, also known as boondocking, is an incredible way to explore the great outdoors without the cost of traditional campgrounds. However, there are many misconceptions about it. We found a great video by Kyle from "Driving and Vibing" that debunks these myths, and you can watch it at the bottom of this article. Here are the nine big lies about free camping.

1. Free Camping is Always in Remote Areas

Many people believe that free camping spots are always in the middle of nowhere. However, you can often find free campsites in city and county parks, sometimes just miles from town centers. These locations can even offer amenities like hookups, making them surprisingly convenient.

2. No Internet Access

Contrary to popular belief, you can have internet access while free camping. With options like Starlink, cellular hotspots, and using your phone as a hotspot, staying connected is easier than ever, even in remote locations.

3. No Power Available

It's a common myth that free camping means no power. Many free camping spots offer electrical hookups. Additionally, you can use a generator or solar panels to provide power, ensuring you have all the electricity you need.

4. Safety Concerns

Some people worry about safety, fearing they'll be robbed or harmed while free camping. However, Kyle emphasizes that he and his friends have never experienced such issues. Trusting your instincts and choosing safe locations can help mitigate these concerns.

5. Nothing to Do

Another misconception is that free camping offers nothing to do. In reality, it provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and exploring local areas. Detaching your vehicle from your rig allows you to explore a wider radius and discover new adventures.

6. Loneliness

People often think free camping is lonely. However, it can actually provide more quality time with your companions. Whether you're with a partner or friends, free camping allows for deeper connections and shared experiences.

7. Difficult Cooking

Cooking while free camping is not as challenging as some might think. With a propane system in your RV, you can cook just as easily as you would with full hookups. Whether you prefer using a campfire, an outside grill, or your RV's kitchen, all options are available.

8. Hard to Find Good Spots

While finding free camping spots can be more challenging due to the increasing number of RVers, it's not impossible. Using resources like can help you discover less crowded and more remote locations that are still accessible.

9. All or Nothing

There's a belief that you must be a full-time boondocker to enjoy free camping. However, you can choose to camp however you like, whether it's a mix of luxury RV parks and off-grid locations. The key is to camp in a way that brings you joy and satisfaction.

In summary, free camping offers a flexible and enjoyable way to experience the outdoors, debunking many of the myths that surround it. For a detailed explanation, be sure to watch Kyle's video at the bottom of this article. Happy camping!