Most Fuel Efficient SUV - Models with the Best MPG Values

Getting the most out of every drop of fuel is very important in today’s economy especially when the gas prices are skyrocketing to four dollars and it is not looking to stop because of continuing geo political conflicts. This is further compounded with the financial crisis that most households or individuals are suffering across the globe.

But having an SUV or planning to purchase one may be the wisest decision yet. This is due to recommendations which can help you get the most value from every dollar of gas that is in your tank. And this is most efficient when your car is an SUV.

Sport Utility Vehicles or commonly known as SUVs are refuted to be stingy fuel consumers in spite of its practicality which is the ability to carry a huge bulk of load or several passengers. This reputation is still very evident even when you use the highway where mileage is better than when you are using it in a city.

The newer generation SUVs do not live up to such reputation; it has redefined its image. The modern generation of Sport Utility Vehicle class of cars is now better in its consumption of fuel in any terrain - urban driving or the highway. In fact, it may be better than the sedans. This change may be accentuated if it is equipped with hybrid technology which favors a stop and go kind of driving especially with regards to its battery life where it can recharge with every brake of the car. It is a perfect for the city.

But hybrid models do not bode well for those who love to travel on the highway especially for its battery. It easily consumes its energy and it is very costly to replace batteries. So, it furthers the problems that fuel prices present.

If hybrid models do not suit you, and alternative choice are diesel powered SUVs. Most of the vehicles available in its class are from German vehicle manufacturers. Examples of cars in this class are Audi Q7 TDI, the Touraeg from Volkswagen, and the XS from BMW and these are the most efficient among all car models. The most efficient among them is the Volkswagen which can go over the 30 MPG mark when running through the highway yet it is still able to run in figures distinct from its V6 engine. When you look at it, this is already a respectable showing considering that it has a gasoline model powered by a V8.

The Silverado and its hybrid is an amazing new addition to the family of Sport Utility Vehicles. Aside from the obvious amazing and sleek yet strong design, it impresses its drivers more with its gas per mile value. It is able to run at 15 MPG in the city and a tad bit over the 20 mark on the high road. It’s hybrid on the other hand is better with a 20 MPG in the city and 23 on the highway. If you are second guessing which of the two you would choose, look at it this way: In spite of the $3,500 value difference of the two, considering the miles per gas value of each, which one would you save more in month’s time? It is your decision.

If what you are looking for is an eco-friendly vehicle with a mean looking design the Ford’s-150 is the perfect for you. It does not a specific engine because it was built to fit any type of engine; it makes all of them friends instead of rivals. The only drawback is that it only runs at 16 MPG when used in the city but reaches the 23 mark when used on the highway. So before pulling the trigger on this model, make sure that you are going to be using it a lot on the road.

If what you are for looking for is a ride with class, the Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer are the most efficient available in the market. The Highlander a good punch with its engine having a horsepower reaching 280 and it is the most consistent. it has a mile per gas value rating of 28 both in the city and the highway. It might just be the best option available in the market.

The Ford Explorer on the other hand, also shows an MPG of 28 on the highway. It does not promise as much inside the city.

Yes, hybrid models may be better in urban driving compared to its diesel counterpart, but this is still a toss-up. But, the latter should always be a first choice because of the long term costs where you will definitely be spending less especially with its repairs.