Gearing up for camping season can be an exciting time, filled with dreams of new adventures and the urge to buy all the latest gadgets and products to make your trip perfect. However, not all products are worth your hard-earned money. After five years on the road, we've learned the hard way about many items that are either junk or completely unnecessary. Check out the great video at the bottom of this article that goes over these things.

1. RV-Specific Toilet Paper

You might think you need RV-specific toilet paper, but that's not the case. Regular toilet paper works just fine if you use a good quality tank treatment and plenty of water. There's no need to suffer through thin, uncomfortable RV toilet paper when you can use the same brand you prefer at home.

2. Full-Size Kitchen Appliances

Full-size kitchen appliances, like large coffee makers and instant pots, are often unnecessary in an RV. Opt for smaller, more compact versions instead. They save space and weight, making your RV life more comfortable without sacrificing functionality.

3. Unitaskers

Unitaskers, or items that only serve one purpose, are generally a waste of space in an RV. Things like lemon presses or banana slicers are rarely used and take up valuable storage space. Instead, choose multi-functional tools that can handle various tasks.

4. Complex Water Filtration Systems

While water filtration is important, overly complex systems can be more trouble than they're worth. A simpler solution, like the Camco TastePURE water filter, can provide clean, great-tasting water without the hassle and space requirements of more elaborate setups.

5. Cheap Water Hoses

Investing in a quality water hose is crucial. Cheap, inflexible hoses are prone to kinking and breaking. Opt for a durable, flexible hose like the Camco EvoFlex, which will last longer and save you the frustration of dealing with constant replacements.

6. Non-Adjustable Water Pressure Regulators

Non-adjustable water pressure regulators can either restrict your water flow too much or fail to protect your RV from high water pressure. An adjustable water pressure regulator allows you to set the perfect pressure, ensuring a safe and comfortable water flow.

7. Large Tools and Equipment

Bringing large tools and heavy equipment, such as table saws or full-size drills, is often unnecessary. Instead, choose compact, lightweight versions that can handle most tasks without taking up too much space or adding extra weight to your RV.

8. Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture, like zero gravity chairs, may seem appealing but can be impractical for RV living. Opt for smaller, foldable furniture that is easier to transport and store, making your outdoor relaxation more convenient.

9. Insecure Decor

Decor that can't be securely fastened can become dangerous projectiles while driving. Choose lightweight, secureable decor items that won't cause damage or injury if they become loose during travel.

10. Traditional Dishware

Traditional glass or ceramic dishware is prone to breaking during travel. Instead, opt for plastic, metal, or silicone dishes that are lightweight and durable, ensuring they survive the bumps and turns of the road.

Remember, when it comes to choosing products for RV living, it's all about balancing necessity with convenience. By avoiding these commonly regretted purchases, you can save money, space, and hassle, making your RV adventures more enjoyable.

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