Kelley Blue Book Used CarKelley Blue Book (KBB) began more than 75 years ago as a dealership, but quickly transformed into a book publishing company. Currently, Kelley Blue Book used cars guide and KBB new cars guide are considered to be the primary authority when it comes to car prices for both dealers and consumers in the country. While using the book used to be all that was available to people, the introduction of the Kelley Blue Book website has created a paradigm shift.

For instance, over the years, Kelley Blue Book used cars guide has evolved in such a manner that it can be difficult for an uninitiated individual to use it comfortably. However, the same cannot be said for the online version of the Kelley Blue Book used cars guide which is fairly easy to use for even the least technologically savvy individuals. Here is how you go about it.

The Information and Its Availability

The web version of KBB was established around 19 years ago in 1995. Initially, a person would have to pay to get access to all the information that KBB provides. However, in a matter of a few weeks, the model was changed and the information made available freely to everyone on the internet. The web version can be used to find information on cars going back 20 years. The website contains sections for both new and used cars. Thus, the first thing you must do to access the Kelley Blue Book used cars guide is to click on the ‘used cars’ tab.

Basic Information about the Car You Are Interested In

Once you have opened the used cars tab, you will see drop down fields that you can use to focus your search. This means that you should have a vague idea of what you are looking for. If you do not have a single car in mind, then you should at least have a shortlist ready. In this tab, the first fields are for the year of the car, its make, and its model.

Choosing the Type of Value You Want

There are essentially three types of values that the Kelley Blue Book used cars guide will give you access to. The first is the trade – in value which is the value that you can expect to get if you were to trade in your car to a dealer. The second type of value is the private party value which is the sum of money a private buyer may be willing to offer or private seller may ask for a used car. The final type of value is the KBB suggested retail value. This is the value that dealers will ask for the same car if they were selling it. It is the value at which negotiations begin.

Trim, Features, And Vehicle Condition

Finally, in the Kelley Blue Book used cars guide, you will get to choose the details of the used car that you are willing to buy or sell. This includes the trim of the car, its little features, and even the vehicle condition.