Summer is still far from over and the best way to make it extra special is to spend it with your family and friends at the beach. Just like what a true summer will look like, you'll surely have a checklist of what kind of activity to do while on the beach and water tubing is one of the must-haves! It's one unique way to make the most of your summer, but before your getaway plan starts kicking off, make sure you have the best boat towables ready.

Here's a list of the best boat towables you can add-on into your list of choices before making the final purchase. Each product also comes with some pros and cons which you can use as  perfect reference to when deciding for the best choice.

  • Airhead HOT DOG Towable Tube

While not everyone likes the idea of extreme water adventures especially for those who can't swim, water tubing is not that scary at all. It's the type of water activity that makes your summer getaway extra fun and exciting by leisurely riding on a water tube.


As we genuinely enjoy our time at the beach while hopping on various water activities such as water-tubing, some of you may be wondering if it isn't comfortable and dangerous to ride on given your lack of capacity to swim. With the SPORTSSTUFF BIG MABLE towable tube which comes into view with new features which aims to provide comfort and safety while enjoying your water rides at its peak.

This one will show you how you can jump into an extreme water adventure without fear! It comes with an improvised backrest and air cushioned tube walls, which allows the towable to protect your back while riding. What's more exciting about this product is the over all quality - built with high quality materials but still on the go for keeping comfort and fun as the main priority.

In addition, the product is well-made with heavy duty EVA foam pads all throughout the areas. It also has multiple grab handles with knuckle guards which allows riders to hold onto when the ride gets extremely insane.


  • Very durable and heavy-duty
  • Big enough to pull two-three teens
  • Great for all ages from the little ones tucked in safe to teens and a dults
  • This sets up high enough out of the water
  • Well-built
  • Side wall support better design
  • Less stress on back rest seams
  • Very sturdy
  • Wonderful concept
  • Inflates quickly
  • Great shape
  • Very stable
  • Well-made to the highest standard
  • Back rest support keeps rider from falling
  • Made comfortable and easy even for people who are young and not athletic
  • Dual positions are awesome
  • This tube gets air and is very maneuverable
  • The shape gives you back support and secure handles for safety


  • Too big for little kids
  • Can be a little too bumpy for old people
  • When deflated the inside bladder moves around and when pulling it backwards



SPORTSSTUFF is known for producing high-quality towable tubes and POPARAZZI is one of them. Made of heavy-duty materials, this foam is guaranteed safe and comfortable. Unless you're planning to go to the beach to get your Instagram-worthy shots, you better opt in doing some extreme water activities like water tubing - with this one as your best support system during the entire ride with your family and friends.

In addition to its awesome features, it comes with cool safety features such as speed safety valves for quick inflation and deflation, and, knee and knuckle guards with double grip handles to double safety when the ride gets a bit more intense. What's amazing about the structure of this towable tube is the fact that it also has a full nylon cover with heavy-duty zipper, which allows riders to take on various positions.


  • Real head turner
  • Easily accommodates four children
  • Useful handles to hold, adds on to the overall safety of the riders
  • Seems to be very sturdy
  • High quality
  • Awesome design - really vibrant, good for summer
  • Outer fabric is in great shape but durability isn't compromised
  • Can be steered
  • Very versatile and safe
  • Well cushioned and riders are well-enclosed
  • Lots of rooms, space
  • Best for all ages
  • Well-built


  • Too heavy
  • Too big
  • A bit expensive for some

Airhead HOT DOG Towable Tube


This unique towable tube is not only perfect for your water tubing escapades, kids and youngsters will definitely love how vibrant and attractive this is. Well-built to accommodate up to three riders and comes into view with a heavy-duty structures like deluxe nylon-wrapped handles with durable knuckle guards and comfortable seat pads to protect the back and keep you safe while riding.

Moreover, the Airhead hotdog towable tube ensures all corners protect the riders from falling so it comes with more than just one hook-up supports paired up with the very reliable Kwik-Connect. The inflating and deflating procedure is not hard at all as this comes with a built in Boston valve that makes the entire process more easy.


  • Very sturdy
  • Well-crafted
  • Heavy duty materials used which ensures overall quality of the towable tube
  • Very easy to inflate and deflate
  • Fun and bouncy
  • Great value for the money, very durable
  • Exciting to ride and feels a bit different than a normal water tube
  • Unique
  • Perfect for kids
  • Very accommodating
  • Holds firmness for several hours
  • Supports multiple adults
  • Stable enough even for a first-time water tube rider
  • It's bigger and leaves more room for kids to sit on
  • Deals with the water waves just perfect


  • Not fixable when broken
  • Side tubes are as reliable as the center tubes
  • Takes longer time to dry out

When the sun is out and you have yet to make your summer getaway a reality, water tubing is a one fun and exciting water activity you can enjoy with your friends and family.

But before you jot it down on your checklist, make sure you have the best boat towables to ride on - a towable that's not only fun to ride on but also safe and durable especially for the kids who definitely love extreme water adventures like water tubing!