Oftentimes, motorcycle owners find it difficult to carry their motorcycles and bikes into a vehicle to move it somewhere else. This has always been a real struggle among owners who simply just want to have an efficient and less-hassle transportation for motorcycles with the right carrier to load it onto. Check out this post if you're looking for a motorcycle hitch carrier at a fair price. This review about the "best motorcycle hitch carriers" will provide you a good list of carriers to choose from depending on your needs and allotted budget as a buyer.

  • Black Widow AMC-400 Hitch Mounted Sport Bike/Motorcycle Carrier
  • Black Widow MCC-600 Heavy-Duty Steel Motorcycle Carrier
  • TMS T-MC-M800C 600-Pound Heavy Duty Motorcycle Sport Bike Hitch Carrier Hauler Rack with Loading Ramp

Many have the misconception of thinking that motorcycles are way easier to transport than four-wheeled vehicles. While it might be the case for some who have already secured a good hitch carrier, many motorcycle owners still claim that choosing the right hitch carrier to keep the motorcycle safe  is definitely not easy.

The products listed in this post comes with the pros and cons from real users who have attested the quality and performance in general, which you can use as reference before wrapping up you buying decision.

Black Widow AMC-400 Hitch Mounted Sport Bike/Motorcycle Carrier

This motorcycle carrier is all-packed and comes into view with high-quality materials, which means this hitch carrier is much capable to serve you for long term. Given the fact that hunting for the best carrier is not that easy to begin with, you'd probably find yourself looking for something that can serve you for a long period of time.

Made with aluminum platform that comes with a heavy duty steel frame material, it has a maximum capacity of 400 lb equivalent to 181.44 kilograms. As for the package inclusion, it has a dirt bike adapter and anti-tilt bracket to keep your motorcycle securely safe during the transportation. Specific features include a 75"L carrier track with 6.75"W rung spacing and 45.5" loading ramp with .67 hook attaching lip.


  • Awesome quality
  • Great buy for the price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid, very durable
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Great stability
  • Good budget hitch carrier
  • Cross bars grip and hold the bike too well
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to put on and take off the car hitch
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Well-built
  • Great rack, bike sits and rides well


  • Low grade bolts
  • Aluminum has very sharp edges
  • Flimsy ramp

Black Widow MCC-600 Heavy-Duty Steel Motorcycle Carrier

Perfect for hauling motorcycles, big bikes, and sport bikes, the Black Widow MCC-600 Motorcycle Carrier has a 7-way adjustable wheel chock. If you find it hard to trust the safety of your motorcycle to just any carriers, you might want to check out the features of this product and decide from there. Given that it has a lot to offer in terms of positions and motorcycle stabilization, this carrier is definitely well-built and can hold your bikes tighter and safe, even after hours of transportation.

Specific features include a 72" x 7.5" removable ramp with 6" clearance from a vehicle bumper to a carrier rack and a 5/8" hitch pin with reverse anti-tilt bracket. These features are great additions, but some consider these as a must-have for a hitch carrier to hold tighter while currently on transportation. Below are the pros and cons to help you know more about the overall performance of the product.


  • Great buy for the price
  • Well built
  • Durable
  • Comes with reflectors and wheel chock
  • Can withstand long hours of transportation
  • Wheel chock works well
  • Very sturdy
  • Inexpensive, but high-quality
  • Very convenient
  • Easy to assembl


  • Low grade bolts
  • Ramp too thin
  • Hitch stabilizer is difficult to get to initially stay in position and remain tight
  • Very heavy

TMS T-MC-M800C 600-Pound Heavy Duty Motorcycle Sport Bike Hitch Carrier Hauler Rack with Loading Ramp

Most buyers will drop the final say once they are done comparing the product along its prices. With this one, in comparison to the first two hitch carriers listed in this review, this seems to be more capable of transporting big bikes and or heavy equipment given its capacity to carry up to 600 lbs. It is highly dependable for long hours of transportation because it is well-designed with the finest and most durable materials.  As for the features, it comes into view with durable-looking powder coat finish, 79" long carrier track, and 28" tube length with two tie down bars.

While many carriers get easily faded after several uses, this bike carrier can even resist scratches due to its powder coated frame. It's best that we learn from individuals who really had a first-hand experience with the product so we know what to expect before buying the product. From the looks of the reviews, this hitch carrier seems to be doing really great in terms of quality and performance in general.


  • Nice economical hauler
  • Very sturdy
  • Quite easy to assemble compared to many other carriers
  • Can withstand long trips/transportation
  • Rock solid and easy to load
  • Great quality for the price
  • Good space saving solution
  • Practical purchase, very sturdy and strong but not bulky
  • Ramp to load the motorcycle is strong and very handy, it stores right on the carrier
  • Holds moped good with straps
  • Better choice than a trailer
  • Ramp folds up into the carrier
  • Works perfect for carrying heavy loads
  • Does the job better than other generic carriers


  • Too heavy
  • Assembly instructions aren't clear enough for some
  • Bad quality nonstandard hitch pin
  • Heavy to move around and store when not in use

All of these motorcycle hitch carriers have obtained mixed reviews from positive to negative and vice versa, so it's up to you to decide as to which one is going to be the best pick. While they are all capable of carrying your motorcycles safely, they still differ in a couple of features. Before wrapping up you decision, review the pros and cons first to know more about its features and to be well-informed about the product in general.