bike blue bookYou ride your bicycle for a variety of reasons, from getting around town, to recreational use. You’ve spent good money on a reliable bicycle, but perhaps it’s time to trade it in for a new bike. How do you decide whether you should keep your old bike, and buy a new one? Or, should you trade in your used bike for another used bike, but a newer model? Sometimes you need a bit of help in deciding whether to keep your bike for another year, or to sell it now.

Are you having to spend more money on maintaining and repairing your bike than you feel comfortable doing?  If your bike is becoming a money drain, it may be time to sell it, and find another one. Before you think that it’s not worth the garbage bin, there is always someone looking for your bike, who would be happy to take it off your hands and refurbish it, or to use it as parts. So, before pitching it in the bin, consider having a look at some Bicycle Blue Books available which can help you estimate the true value of your bike. A handy calculator will tell you its current worth, so you know how much to ask for it in the classified ads section.

If you’re a frequent recreational rider, it may be time for an upgrade. When you ride your bike several hours each week, you may be finding the ride isn’t as comfortable as it could be. You’ve been admiring mountain bikes at the bike shop, and now it’s time to find a bike that fits your needs, rather than you trying to make your bike run on tough paths it wasn’t really built for. Plus, you’d really appreciate the extra features that a new bike has, along with some cargo stowage space for your backpack, for those long trips away from home. There may be nothing wrong with your bike except that you really want a better brand and model.

Does your bike run well but it’s starting to look at little weathered around the edges? Perhaps your friends have been bragging about their new bikes, while you’re stuck on the roads with your rusted out contraption. You’ve been turning down group rides because you think people will laugh at your old bike. It may be time to sell it on Bicycle Blue Book and buy a new one.

Is your bike the wrong size for you? Many times we’re given an old bike by our friends, or siblings. They think that someone else would appreciate it, so they hand it down. And you take it willingly, as you really needed it. But sometimes these bikes are the wrong size for your body type, or perhaps they can’t be adjusted to fit you. Perhaps you’re using your sister’s old bike, and the guys are laughing at you. There’s nothing wrong with these bikes, but they’d be better suited for someone else. Before putting your bike up for sale, you must sign up with some websites who can help you estimate your Bicycle Blue Book value.

There are several different resources to help you price your bike online, including KBB, Nada or Edmunds. Nada seems to be extremely reliable and well-respected by bicycle dealerships, as well as insurance companies. That being said, be sure to check all three before making any buying or selling decisions.

Bicycle Blue Book will help you list your bike online, as well as handle inspection and shipping for you. Soon you’ll be on your way to a new bicycle, so you can participate in all your favorite outdoor activities.