Last Updated on December 6, 2023

Are you just starting off as a rider? Are you trying to find a suitable bike? Though many people suggest various types of bikes that are supposedly good for beginners, it's the kind of driving that matters. There are no beginner bikes or expert bikes. They are all the same; it's the driving that changes the type of bike.

300cc bikes are lightweight. These bikes are the most popular because they look stunning and the motorcycle price is great too. Speed is another important aspect as to why these motorbikes are hyped up.

In this article, we will list out some of the best 300cc motorbikes to start with. The 300cc bike range includes a lot of different bikes, and breaking it down to a few can be a difficult task. However, we have made sure that the ones listed here are some of the best. Though these bikes may cost more, they are very efficient.

Bikes come in various models. There are adventurous bikes, road bikes, sport bikes, and several other types to choose from. You need to take a closer look at performance, durability, and comfort when choosing one for yourself. We have made sure that the ones here on our list are well-equipped with all the best aspects. Below are some fast bikes, check out some of the below.

KTM 390 Duke

The KTM 390 Duke has earned its rights to being a great bike. It's most people's favorite choice. 

This bike is more like a professional bike and doesn’t particularly seem like a bike that beginners should be using.

It first came out as an unbeatable model, as the bike is quite big. However, it's something that most motorists want to ride no matter its size. 

Now, let’s discuss its features. This bike has a TFT display, and it has a switchable feature according to your choice. It also has a WP suspension and more at a very reasonable price.

It's a great competitor in the world of bikes. Sure, new bikes tend to enter the public eye every now and then, but this bike seems to have a claim on the throne for being the best. Now we know why it's named Duke!

Honda Rebel 300

Honda has a wider variety of bikes, making it renowned globally. For this part of the article, we’ll be talking about the Honda Rebel 300. 

It's said that the Rebel started way back in the '80s, though it was built with a minimal, yet significant, structure. Honda slowly began upgrading it, and now we have the Honda Rebel 300. 

This bike looks classy. Honda has given it a modern stroke and the ability to adapt to the pavement. With good compatibility and performance, the Rebel rode into the hearts of many motorists. It is very stylish to look at and might make you feel vintage even though you’re living in modern times.


This is another Honda masterpiece. This bike model comes with a cylinder engine that produces 27.5 horsepower. With the Honda CBR300R, you will be able to witness the true greatness of riding a motorbike. This bike has just about everything. From performance to its looks, it has gained a lot of popularity among motorists.

It's easy to handle and manage this bike too. It comes with a down seat, making the riding position look more aggressive, but it also keeps you well-focused while you are on the bike.

You can get this model at a reasonable price. You can also choose if you want your model to have ABS or not. You'll need to pay an extra expense for the ABS.

Overall, the bike turns out to be a great choice if you are just starting out and looking for a nice model.

While the bike is hefty, it's a beauty. It promises smooth and efficient rides, making it a great partner on the road.

Yamaha R3

And of course, the very well-known brand is Yamaha.

The Yamaha R3 has also come up with its own kind of entry-level bike. The R3 has earned a lot of credit for its greatness because the bike is stunning and the shape of it is quite unique. 

In regards to performance, the R3 has proven how an engine with 300cc can still pave the way for other bikes.

If you like to try out new models and love to explore the biking world, you should definitely take a look at the R3. Everything about it is very high quality and potent for an entry-level bike.

Soon after finding out how well the bike stood in the market, Yamaha started creating upgrades for the R3 model with more significant engines to make them more efficient. They've gone out of their way

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a bike can be a challenging task, given that you need to consider a lot of important things before getting it and riding it. The only way you can arrive at your ideal choice is to break down the requirements and what you need. What kind of bike are you looking for? How much are you willing to spend? What kind of models are you comfortable with? Maybe you even want a rare bike.

If you can answer all of these questions, then you are prepared to go about choosing your bike. Knowing all of these things makes the process easier. 

Performance, looks, and efficiency are the main points you should be looking at when shopping for your bike. Don’t be fooled by cheaper bikes or bikes labeled for beginners. The right bike for you isn’t dependent on its riding level. It’s dependent on your needs. Invest in a good bike that will help you grow as a rider.