cars in dealership lot

Shopping for a new vehicle can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. You're trying your best to save up as much money as possible, you've checked out the Nada car value of your old vehicle to see how much it's worth, and now you actually have to go through the process of buying your car, unless you're keeping your old vehicle and just keep up with the growing maintenance rather than buying a new one. Haggling with car salesmen and triple checking your finances can be time-consuming, but we know a few things that could make the buying process less stressful and a lot more affordable.

Save your shopping for the end of the month

If you want to get a good deal on a new car, don't even think of going to a dealership before the last week of the month. Many auto salesmen get paid on commission, and during the beginning of the month they're far more likely to try to tack a few extra hundred dollars to the sticker price to make extra money. By the end of the month, they're rushing to make their sales quota, and they're more interested in making a sale than they are making a quick buck. If you go shopping at the end of month, you're far more likely to get a salesman who is willing to offer some extra discounts and deals so that they can close a sale.

Never shop on weekends

The weekend looks like the perfect time to visit car dealerships, but if you want to get a good deal on a new car, you're better off going during the work week. If you go during the weekend, there will be a lot of other people and the salesmen on the floor won't have enough time to devote to you. They'll also have more customers to work with and, if they have five other potential sales to close, they won't think about offering you discounts.

See if you can wait for a holiday

A lot of car dealerships loathe the winter holiday months because most people aren't thinking of buying a new car. If you look for a new car from around the beginning of October till the end of December, you'll find a lot of dealers who are willing to give out big discounts so that they can make a sale. If you can't make it out during the winter holidays, you'll still have a little time to snag a deal during January and February. By then, the new models have been advertised, but people still aren't interested in buying cars since they're more worried about getting through the winter and paying off their holiday bills. If you still can't make it then, don't worry! Dealerships are more than happy to knock a few thousand off their sale prices around the 4th of July, Presidents Day Weekend, Labor Day, and other holidays.