Actors love having cars as toys. But seeing female actresses who love having motorcycles as toys who will drop hundreds and thousands of dollars instead is even cooler. In the video below from TheRichest, we can see a list of celebrity women who love riding motorcycles.


Gal Gadot is one of the coolest women in Hollywood and is worth over 30 million dollars. That's a lot of extra cast to buy motorcycles. Even though most people know her as Wonderwoman, a lot of the Fast Furious fans still remember her as Giselle.

In that movie, she rode the Ducati Monster sr2 which is worth anywhere between $4,000 to $8,000. In fact, she loved riding that bike in the movie so much that she decided to buy one herself.


Michelle is another Fast and Furious favorite. In the film, she rode a Harley Davidson Sportster Iron. Again, she likes this ride so much she rides one in real life and just loves it.


So what does an actress that has amassed 125 million dollars get? In Lara Croft, her character rode a Yamaha trx 850 across the great wall of China. But that's not the bike she rides at home.

In the movie Salt, she rode a Triumph Street Triple R, and decided to bring it home. Her ex husband Brad Pitt is also a motorcycle rider and even gifter her a red MV Agusta with a hefty price tag of $24,000.


Who could forget Megan Fox bent over a motorcycle in the movie Transformers 2? Even though she hated filming that scene, her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly enjoyed it and were even spotted riding a Harley Iron 883.


This 25 million dollar star can be seen riding her Triumph Bonneville which can go over $22,000 for some the better models. She also can be seen riding a BMW r1200R.


This probably doesn't come as a surprise to many that Pink loves ridigin motorcycles, as she has built an image of being tough and cool. With over 200 million, it's easier to be cool.

Pink has a collection of bikes, which includes a $9,000 Harley Davidson Sportster xl iron 883. She also have a Triumph Bonneville t-100 worth $10,000.

Her husband, BMX star Carey Hart, gifted her a custom motorcycle that featured camo print. The guys at TheRichest in the video, estimate it's worth over $20,000.

At one point, when Pink wanted another child, her husband just presented her with another bike, an Indian Scout with is around $14.4K.

Katee Sackhoffe

Many of you know her as Bo Katan from the Mandalorian or even from Battlestar Galactica. Off screen, she loves bikes and often posts pictures of herself on her Harleys.

One of her beauties is a custom bike. she took a $3,000 1987 Honda xl600r and transformed it into a custom kt600. She even did a front end swap from a Kawasaki zx6r and a lot of other modifications that looked like her Harleys.

Tricia Helfer

Tricia, also known as number 6, who is worth more than 10M loves motorcycles. In fact, her and Katee agreed to a charity ride that followed the same ride in the classic movie Easy Rider.

They even documented this ride and can be seen in a documentary.

One of Tricia's first bikes was a Harley wide glide, but it seems it was a bit too much for her and she ended up moving to a Harley Sportster. She also has a $20,000 Harley Davidson Rocker C that her husband gifter her.

In a world that is mostly dominated by males, it's awesome that superstars are embracing the motorcycle world that will hopefully influence some younger female riders to start.