Aside from being one of the most famous actors in the world, thanks to movies like Speed, John Wick, and... Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (ok, you know you like it), Keanu Reeves is obsessed with motorcycles.

In fact, he's so obsessed that he decided to team up with his buddy Gard Hollinger to create their own motorcycle production company. In the video below, Keanu Reeves and Gard, tell us a bit about their company - Arch Motorcycles.

The Vision

Keanu and Gard's vision for their motorcycle company was to create a beautiful, aesthetically interesting, seductive machine that handles corners. They wanted their bikes to give you a visceral experience.

Gard says that something that was interesting and challenging during the first three to four years of development was to make their motorcycles easy to buy, easy to register and use anywhere in the world.

Keanu says the vision is the realization of what Arch is founded on - the bespoke production motorcycle. Every Arch motorcycle is a production motorcycle, but it is unique to each owner. The way it fits to the owner, the way the bike is delivered and the way Arch curates these motorcycles.

The process you go through when purchasing one of their bikes is the process you would go through when buying a custom motorcycle. But you have the advantage of having a user-friendly production motorcycle.

Their Bikes

Their plan was to always get to three models with their lineup.

The first model was going to be a little bit more sport oriented, a bit more aggressive, but in a cruiser version.

Another model would be one where they they would only make a certain number of bikes that would push the boundaries of motorcycle design. This would be more of a concept motorcycle. Gard equates this to The Method 143 motorcycle.

They had a dream and ambition. That's one thing. The other is you actually have to build it. The good news is that they have the ambition necessary for a motorcycle company.

The Future Of Arch Motorcycles

They are already exploring design five years down the road. As they examine their current line-up, they are already thinking, is there a 2S? And what does that look like? Or what comes after their Method 143 motorcycle?

We live in a time right now where there is a lot of discussion on how are vehicles going to be powered in the future? Which also enables them with the idea of developing their own drivetrain - whether that's electrical or internal combustion.

Keanu has a lot of hope and a lot of ambition and desire to create and present something that they love. And all these things combined is what makes Arch what it is.

How Much Does an Arch Motorcycle Cost?

If you are like us, after watching this video, you can't wait to purchase an Arch Motorcycle. However, with all this customization, you must be thinking that these bikes must cost a fortune.

Well, you aren't wrong.

If you want to join the Arch family, then their basic KGRT-1 Model starts around $89,000.

Again, these are quality bikes and definitely will be a head turner on the road. And who knows, maybe it gets you that much closer to hanging out with Mr. John Wick himself.