Honda Extended Warranty - Useful Tips To Know

The Honda brand is quite popular for many reasons. One is its use of fuel. It is a very practical choice for a car especially that it is fuel economic; gives you more mileage in every gallon. It is an important consideration before deciding which car to purchase. The cherry on top for a Honda car is its sleek and modern design that users will surely love. And it is for this very reason that you need to protect the car from any damage that may happen to it. Warranties make sure that Honda or your car dealership will be the one covering the repairs and its maintenance. But this is not life-long; these have certain limitation as stated in the contract that you signed upon its purchase.

You can extend your contract via the internet or going to the office of your car’s dealer. Both have advantages and drawbacks depending on the type of Honda that you bought.

You may extend your warranty through the company directly by logging on Honda’s official website. In its page, you will be able to find pertinent information that may give you an overview with regards to warranty extensions. You may also find out what the difference is between warranties which are limited and those which can have been extended. In addition, a contact number of any representative is available in the page. These individuals will be the ones who will be responsible in helping you extend your warranty contract. They will be your advocate and your guide during the process.

It is also alright if you decide to use go through your dealership when planning to extend your Honda vehicle’s warranty. And the process may vary. If you already have a Honda car, you may be changing from a limited warranty to an extended one. But if it is your first time buying a Honda brand, then you may stack an extension contract over the limited contract. It pays to be always prepared.

When deciding to go with a dealer, you need to discuss your options because it may vary from each dealership; different dealers, different policies. It is best to ask question during your meeting to have a firm grasp on their ideas. There are warranties that covers damages and repairs only to a specific number of miles. For this reason, if you plan on using the car for extensive travelling, it may be best to choose a warranty that covers everything which is based on year than its mileage. It gives you more flexibility with the plan and ensures that you will get help anytime that you need. Of course only until the contract expires.

Help Honda Warranties

Any car which is newly purchased automatically has its limited warranty, but this is for a limited time only. During this period, the company will cover for any damages to the car concerning its parts damaged under normal conditions.

Non Power Train Coverage

This has its own limitations as well. It may come in years (3) or in miles (36,000). It ends when either of the two is reached. This one covers steering mechanisms, suspensions, the car’s sensors, switches, and systems for electricity which includes the wires and its battery, heating and cooling which is necessary for the air conditioning unit, and the fuel. A damaged fuel system can lead to a lot of fuel wastage.

Power Train Coverage

The limitation of this coverage may also be covered in years (5) or by miles (60,000) as its basis. Again, when either one is reached, the contract ends. This one is offered without the buyer paying a deductible. This can be deemed as bad or good, depending on how well you control your money. This coverage specifies components which are only limited to the car’s engine, its transmission, and the driving system.

Replacement Parts

All the parts or components which are installed by the company or by the dealership will be covered for a year or approximately 12,000 miles.

Care Trademarked by Honda

These are additional services which may or may not be in any other brand’s warranty. The services involved include roadside assistance, services in times of emergencies, provision of a rental car when in need of one and in depth component coverage. This is available 24/7, so there is nothing to worry about.

Information regarding the Warranty

This is made available in the booklet that was provided upon the purchase of the car. Or you may also read it in their web page, just in case you lost he booklet.