Nissan Extended Warranty - How Valuable are Extended Warranties?

Whatever you buy today, from televisions to cellphones to vehicles, you are going to be offered an “extended warranty” that will protect the life of your product. But how valuable are these warranties? Are they really worth the price? What if you never need it? The paranoia you get from hearing the “you never know what can happen!” argument does not justify purchasing a warranty. Pay close attention to what the warranty really offers and assess your own habits before deciding to purchase anything.

Under warranties, your product will be covered for any certain amount of years, often ranging between 1 and 5. You will either pay up front or make monthly insurance-like payments for this kind of protection. Be aware that these warranties may not cover everything, may void if certain accidents happen on your part, or may require you to pay up front for something you will be reimbursed for latter. Also note that the length of these warranties means that the production company you’ve purchased from has access to your funds for that amount of time – something you may or may not be comfortable with. All of these are factors that should influence whether or not you purchase an extended warranty, especially on your vehicle.

Purchasing an extended warranty on your new or used Nissan vehicle has advantages and disadvantages. For example, your Nissan vehicle may be protected under this warranty from minor damages, such as air conditioning malfunctions or tire rotations, but it may only cover a percentage of major damage or accidents. In order to properly evaluate the extended warranty offer, consider different scenarios and their related costs.

Do some math to determine whether the cost of a possible repair is more or less than you are paying for the Nissan extended warranty. Often, what you are paying for the warranty is much higher than the actual cost of the repair. This is because the warranty is profit for the dealership. They are offering the service, so they receive the fiscal profits. You may or may not benefit from said warranty, but they are guaranteed to benefit either way. If you feel wary about the warranties but also don’t trust yourself to avoid accidents, be them minor or major, we recommend taking the money you would have spent on the warranty and putting it in a special account earmarked specifically for accidents. This way, you know are covered without having to give your money to any outside sources.