How To Scrap a Car - Useful Tips To Know

Scrapping is a layman’s term for selling or taking any junk cars or trucks to a local business who buys these things. In fact, it is a way to get some money back from all the things you bought in the past and has been laying around for a while. In addition, it may also be one of the many efforts that you can show that you care for the environment and your community. Junk vehicles are not pleasing to the eye as they rust and lay around not being used. So, it may not be good for the community’s reputation. Just about any kind of metal, as long as you or your neighbors do not have any use for it there are Metal Recyclers who are just happy to take them away from your hands.

But metal recyclers do not take everything that is in any junk. They only take the metal part which is why you better remove parts which you think may be worth more to other business establishments. Remember that you are being paid per pound only for the metal part. The plastics and other accessories may be better off given to junk yards which may pay more for it. Always find ways to maximize the value of what you have.

Before making any final decision with regards to scrapping any junk car, you need to put things into perspective. You should think carefully which avenue an item will value more. For example, you have car that is not being used anymore but it still runs. If this is the case, it might be better putting it up for sale in the market because you will get way more than it will sell in the scrap industry. Put it online and sell it at an estimate of $500 maximum. It may look low for a car, but it is justifiable. And it is way more than how much it will sell with the recyclers.

Next is scouting around the market for scrap establishments that would give you the best value. Talk and ask questions about their pricing system. You should look for a recycler who buys scrap metal at a per pound rate. If they say it is a fixed price, leave. Moreover, it may also be best to ask them ahead of time regarding specifications. Examples would include what to do with the fluid in the gas tank and if they require that you remove the glass. There are some who prefer it being drained or removed some do not mind. But, if I were you, you may take that away as well because this may value more to other shops.

Remember, when you work on your junk car, it is wise to tinker on a stable platform. Always work on asphalt where you have more room to work with. It is safer and more convenient to move around.

Next, you should check the tires and if it is flat, fill them with air. This is important when you need to work underneath the car. But still be careful, the tires could pop anytime considering how old they already are.

Electric components of the cars should be removed. These parts sell more in junk yard compared to metal recyclers. In addition, you should also remove the batteries and the catalytic converter because you will not get the most value out of its fixed fee sold to scrap yards.

In order to remove the catalytic converter, you could either use a reciprocating saw with a blade that can cut through metal or by forcefully removing it. If you do not know, the catalytic converter can be located between the muffler and the engine. In older cars, it is located under the passenger’s seat.

Remove just about everything that you can sell separately for a higher price. This is the key in getting the best value out of your junk. For example, the glass can sell at a very high price. If you see one attached to your car, remove them. The engine and transmitters can be removed as well, although not necessary.

By this time, the car is ready to be taken away. Once you are at the yard, you should also ask where to take the parts which you removed. This may be at a separate part of the yard, so, it is better to ask for directions.

Once the car is about to be lifted to the air, you should remember to remove the tires. You may have some use of them later on. Then you car gets weighed and you will receive a receipt with the amount that you are expected to redeem at the front office.