Junking Your Old Car

Trying to get rid of that old car but don’t have a title for it? If not, you’ve noticed that most places will not accept an old vehicle without the title proving you own it. You may think your only option is to take it to the DMV in an attempt to secure a title or pay to have it junked. Both of which will cost you money you may not be willing to spend. To overcome this issue, we’ve provided a step-by-step scenario that will help you get rid of that old heap free of cost.

In the United States and Canada, there is a free junking service you can take advantage of by visiting www.junkmycar.com or calling 1-877-JUNKMYCAR. Visit the site and enter your zip code to locate local towing services that will come collect your car for free. You will need to give them your contact information so they can schedule an appointment. You will also need to provide pertinent information regarding the vehicle, including the make, model, year, color, license number, and a description of the vehicle.

Do not be tentative or embarrassed about the condition your vehicle is in. Be honest. As a junking service, they will be aware that it is not the nicest vehicle on the lot. Once you clarify the vehicle’s location, click “Submit”. They will collect your information and provide you with a link where you can go and print a “Tow Tag”. This Tow Tag will let the towing service know which vehicle they are collecting, so you will need to write the ID number they provided you with on this tag and place it on the windshield of your vehicle.

The towing service will contact you with 48 hours of your online submission. When they call you, they will confirm the location of the vehicle and set a time for pickup. Although they ask about a title, they will still accept your vehicle if it does not have one. Once the car has been removed, you will need to return to the website and update your status. They will ask for your feedback, so feel free to describe how your removal service went.