Kelley Blue Book TruckWhether searching locally or internationally for the perfect truck, accessing Kelley Blue Book is the smart first step to take to insure your choice is the best value for exactly what you want. Kelley’s extensive catalogue of trucks makes initial research a breeze, either using the book itself, or the user-friendly website which is constantly updated with new and vital information.

A well-informed buyer gets the best deal, and KBB is all about the best deals. Just by accessing the site, it is clear that this reputable organization has customer satisfaction at the top of its priority list. The pages are easy to navigate, informative without being cluttered, and walk you through any question you might have about your next truck.

Before getting into details, the first step is figuring out exactly what you need. KBB Trucks guide helps calculate cargo capacity and has a range of vehicles from commercial capacity to pick up trucks for the weekend warrior. With 360 degree views of what is in stock, without leaving home, you can see the lines, bed and aerodynamics of each model to narrow down the search. Equally important as capacity is why you want a truck. Consider towing capacity; are you towing a motor home, boat, equipment bed, or nothing at all? Plus, just because this is a true working machine, don’t forgo the creature comforts.

The interactive website asks what is important to you; power windows, heated seats, CD/DVD player with multiple capacity, back seats, extra seats, how large a cabin?

Engine options are clearly defined with each listing with ratings and recommendations. Kelley Blue Book Trucks value also features its ratings for best resale value, information quite valuable, and sometimes surprising. Truck owners tend to be quite loyal to a make and model and change can be difficult, that is why Kelley presents each make and model side by side by category. You compare and contrast without high-pressure sales marring the process.

In 2013, the Toyota Tundra was named best resale value for full size capacity trucks, and Toyota Tacoma won for mid-size. A full explanation of rating criteria outlines clearly what creates the value; all the better to make a better purchasing decision.

Of course, Kelley Blue Book details new and pre-owned vehicles. With its site payment calculator, you will know not only how much the truck costs, but what your payments will over a certain length of time. Trade in value estimates and price comparisons assist in determining your financial commitment.

As the search narrows, Kelley provides a glimpse into the truck’s history, if it is used. An array of photos and videos as well as inspection history and mileage are disclosed up front. Available rebates and incentives are often available as well.

From the comfort of your home, you will know the market, front-runners, and hidden gems available and estimate costs and expenses before ever seeing the truck in person. When trading in a truck, Kelley is equally instructive. Knowing your KBB truck’s value on the market and seeing competitive offerings provide accurate information on which to base your own price. For trade-ins, walking into the showroom with a reliable figure of your truck’s work will make negotiations lean in your favor.

Buying a truck, whether new or used, is a big commitment of time and money. Kelley takes the guesswork out of the process Kelley Blue Book Trucks by arming you with reliable, marketable information.