Whenever someone wants to sell his truck, the very first thing which comes to one’s mind is how much is my truck worth? No one will commit a worst mistake than by selling his truck without knowing its worth. The very first thing which you should do when estimating your truck’s worth is by looking at its market value on Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

Pickup Trucks have gained a huge chunk of share in the automotive sector in the last decade with around 33% of the market share which means that every third vehicle sold in the US is a pickup truck/SUV.

The reason for such a change is simple.  Trucks offer more leg room and passenger capacity than a sedan. Additionally, people love to carry big vehicles when they are on the move to different places, carrying loads of things with them.

With such a huge demand, the used-vehicle’s market is nonetheless behind the new-vehicle’s market. Those who cannot afford to buy a new truck satisfy their needs with a used truck. Such people often start their search with Kelley Blue Book Trucks guide where you can find different categories of trucks available in the US and their estimated selling price.

Kelley Blue Book is a trusted repository which strives to provide up-to-date new and used car data to its users. It has a big database of vehicles, including those of the 60s which are difficult to find but have great used car value. NADABookInfo.com will take you through the entire step of finding the value of a truck through their NADA Car Value Blog, especially designed to provide assistance to the buyers and sellers.

Finding the value of a used truck is fairly simple like that of finding the value of a sedan. Just roll over KBB Used Trucks section where you will be asked for the manufacturer. If you are a seller, you can easily go through the process by selecting the vehicle you have from the list. Supplying the vin code will give you better estimates of the price at which your truck can be sold. Select the model and year of manufacture to find out the suggested value.

Be fair when sharing the present condition of your car. Don’t exaggerate the condition to get the max sale value and try to overcharge the buyer since the buyers also have the same KBB Trucks tool to find out the true value!

If you are a buyer, the very first thing should be to find the cars on online market places for used cars. Shortlist the trucks which you think fall under your budget and then carry on your smart-buy search using the KBB Trucks online tool. Repeat the same until you finalize the truck which suits you best. It depends upon the source from where you will be buying a vehicle. If you are buying directly from the dealer, you might have to shell out some additional cash since they do a lot of checks before selling it to anyone. Same is the case for Certified Pre-owned dealers. They also do the same checks and might give an additional warranty of that vehicle.

If you are buying it from a friend, the chances are high that you will get a great bargain out of the deal. But always be cautious when buying it from your friend. Always think about why that person is selling his truck. That might sound fishy but it’s a part of your research for a used truck.

Selling a truck has never been so easy! At Kelley Blue Book they will buy your truck too, regardless of age, condition, or mileage. Simple and fast valuation service is free and it’s online. If you like the price offered on your truck, you can then book an appointment at any one of their numerous locations. After an inspection, they may pay you a check there. It's so easy.

Knowing your Kelley Blue Book Truck's value whether new or used from home is a great help. Getting an accurate price at home whether dealing with a private party or a company tells the importance of kbb.com which has special tool given for pricing. Kelley Blue Book is not limited to United States but its roots have expanded like a banyan tree to China also. Now globally accepted, KBB Truck's can be sold anywhere by using this tool.