Nada ATV And Kelley Blue Book ATV - Determining the Market Value of Your ATV

The market value of all-terrain vehicles, also known as ATVs, four-wheelers, or quad bikes is based on many factors, including make, model, and its existing condition. Assessing the value of your ATV, as with any vehicle you might own, can be a problematic endeavor if you don’t know where to look. But in today’s modern world, the internet is home to many guides that can help you determine a fair market price. You can also find these guides in most bookstores.

Researching Market Value Online

The internet is home to the most up-to-date resources when it comes to pricing ATVs. Checking classified websites such as eBay and Craigslist can help you determine how much ATVs are currently going for. It is best to cross-reference these classified prices with the information you find in guides such as NADA or Kelley Blue Book in order to verify the most realistic price value.

NADA Guides

Like most guidebooks, NADA ATV is listed under “Motorcycles”, so be sure to look in the right place when you’re researching. NADA guides are more reliable in their listings, and dealerships are more likely to turn to this guide when dealing with ATV sales. If you anticipate going to a dealership for your final purchase, it would be best to know the NADA ATV values listed over any other.

Kelley Blue Book

By far the most popular vehicle guide, Kelley Blue Book ATV falls under the category of “Motorcycles”. It provides the easiest to read guide, organizing the vehicles by make, then model, then year. Kelley Blue Book lists prices for private sales, trade-ins, and dealership prices, so if you are the shopper who is willing to shop around between different dealerships and private sellers, this guide would be your go-to reference. Most ATV owners also love snowmobiles, and KBB also offers KBB snowmobile pricing guidance.

Pricing an ATV with Kelley Blue Book

Finding private and trade-in sale prices is easy to do on the Kelley Blue Book ATV website.

Step 1 – Determine the make, model, and year of the ATV you are purchasing/selling in order to ensure proper listing in the book. Kelley Blue Book often lists motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs all on the same page, so double-check your information to avoid accidentally pricing the wrong vehicle.

Step 2 – Do you want to know the trade-in or the retail value of the ATV? Retail value pertains to brand-new and newer vehicles, and is typically the value dealerships will be asking for. The trade-in value refers to when you are looking to see how much your vehicle will be worth in the transaction between yourself and the dealer.

Step 3 – Find the “Motorcycle Values” box on the homepage of Kelley Blue Book’s website.

Step 4 – Click on the “Motorcycles” link. Note that this link could also be a picture of a motorcycle. On the next screen, choose whether you want the retail or trade-in option. If you are looking for a local dealer in your area, click on the “Motorcycle Store” link

Step 5 - On the next page, choose the manufacturer year and model from the list.

Step 6 – If you are unsure of the manufacturer, click the “Search Here by Model Name” option in order to browse the different models alphabetically.

Step 7 – The next screen lists the trade-in or retail value, depending on which you chose in Step 2. This value represents the price of a vehicle in good condition. Note that add-ons, modifications, and mileage are not considered in this value yet.

Step 8 – To see how mileage influences the value, click on the “Mileage/Condition” link. To see how modifications influence the value, click on the “Additional Equipment” link.