NADA RVIt's hard to describe the freedom that comes after owning a Recreational Vehicle. The main attribute, of course, being the ease of travel. Possessing an RV makes it possible for me to have lunch in Austin, and then be back in Los Angeles, chilling with my friends on Venice beach. The convenience of having everything with me at any given time is an added bonus. My clothes, my computer, my bedroom; I literally have a place to stay that has no mortgage and no bills to pay, allowing me to spend on things that I actually care about. It's no wonder that RV's have become such a popular luxurious vehicle; a hidden gem.

However, buying an RV is a commitment and it should be something that you've taken time to think about. In order for you to maximize your new motor home, you'll have to reside in it for the most part. The place you currently own can finally either be sold or rented out. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you'll get there. After you've made a decision to purchase an RV, you can adopt my recommended RV blue book: NADAGuides.

NADA RV Guide allows you access to valuable resources when it comes to choosing the most suitable RV. You can get the following information from their site

  • RV history report
  • Insurance quotes
  • Loan rates
  • RV price guides
  • Nearest location to you for purchasing an RV
  • Support if you intend to sell your RV

NADA's determination of RV values is accurate, and its reputation is known to be reliable. RV values can actually be difficult to compute manually, which is what makes Nada RV values so vital, since it provides its users with easily accessible information.

NADAGuides also provide consumers with a glimpse of RV values from both buyers' and sellers' perspectives. A reliable method of calculating RV prices from seller’s perspective when making a purchase offer, is to subtract damages, wear and tear, and cost of replacements from the Nada RV values. The amount can be a starting point for negotiation.

This RV Blue Book features over 43,000 models of RVs and 180,000 different models of other similar vehicles. Subscribers of NADAGuides additionally have access to wholesale, retail, and finance values.

On a side note, if you're looking to sell your RV, utilizing Nada's services may potentially speed up the sale process.  Subtracting a reasonable amount from the Nada RV value will equate to a number that strikes a fair balance for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer enjoys a realistic price, and the seller enjoys profitability. Resulting in quicker and simpler deals.

The amount of detail that provided by this RV Blue Book is accurate to a large degree, and are definitely not to be underestimated. So before you purchase or sell an RV, bear in mind to consult one of the professional services that I mentioned, and everything else will seamlessly fall into place.