RV Blue Book - Uncovering the Blue Book Value of Your Camper

Buyers and sellers are on the same page when it comes to used campers, RVs, and other recreational vehicles. Both want to make sure they are purchasing and selling quality products at fair and reasonable prices that reflect their market value.

Determining the price can be a very difficult experience if you don’t know where to look, but the first place to start is knowing what model you are selling or looking to buy. This will help you narrow down your search and give you a place to start your research for a list of RV Blue Book prices.

With your model in mind, start looking online at classified websites. Compare what you find there with automotive guides you can pick up at auto shops, bookstores, or even the library. These guides include the Kelley Blue Book abbv. KBB and the National Automobile Dealer’s Association abbv. NADA guide.

They provide practical as well as pricing information on numerous used vehicles and vessels. All you need to know for your initial search in these guides is the make, model, and year. From there, you can note the camper’s condition, interior design, and any modifications or upgrades you’ve done or are looking for in order to hone in on a more accurate price.

Take note of local market trends and prices you found on the classified websites and compare them to what you find in the guides to give yourself a realistic range of prices. As a buyer, take a look at many different units before you decide on the one you want. Just because you love the first one you see does not mean the sale is the fairest.

The selling prices for similar vehicles fluctuate during seasons and from region to region, and you will want to be aware of what prices are popular in your area when you begin shopping around. When you have this information at hand, you can negotiate prices and offers with potential buyers and/or customers.

When you are trying to reach a realistic price range, there are many different variables you need to consider beyond just the make, model, and year of your camper. As stated earlier, specify any repairs, upgrades, or modifications you have had done to your camper. If you are a buyer, make sure to list the amenities you are looking for in your recreational vehicle. Be sure to explain how many people can fit comfortably in your camper. You will want to note whether the camper under discussion is powered by gasoline or diesel. People are often more interested in the fuel source than they are on the size.

Unfortunately, Kelley Blue Book RV does not provide any information on campers or other recreational vehicles. NADA guide is your only extensive resource regarding blue book prices on these types of used vehicles. You can also find Vintage Travel Trailer cost. They include NADA RV information in print and online at their website www.nadaguide.com. Simply click the “Recreational” tab on their homepage and enter the information discussed in the above paragraph.