RV Dealer in PA - Pennsylvania: The Place to Buy RVs

Seasons are one of the biggest influence over the demand and prices of recreational vehicles and campers. If you didn’t know it, Pennsylvania is one of the best states to buy an RV. Because of the cold winters, many residents take road trips to warmer states to avoid the snow. This results in some pretty good bargains if you know which class of RV you’re looking for and how to shop for it in PA.

Class B RVs, when compared to Class A or C, are the most popular because their gas mileage is comparable to their size. They can range in price from anywhere between $33,000 and $80,000 depending on their size, so your best bet is to buy used. You can find a fully functional RV at a decent price if you know where (and when) to look. In Pennsylvania, we recommend Arizona Campers and Trailers, El Monte RV, and Sun City Rvs, but there are many local shops that will help you out and offer competitive prices. And you don’t need to be local to benefit from these deals. Most of these dealers, among many other Pennsylvania shops, sell their wares online. Don’t be afraid to check Pennsylvania Craigslist pages for reasonably priced listings either. Many sellers will have no problem shipping for a fee, and since the vehicle is on wheels, you can always make your first road trip part of the pick-up!

If you decide to shop online, be aware of something called “orphan RVs”. These vehicles are made by manufacturers who have recently gone out of business. Because of this fact, the prices are low, but you may be unable to obtain a warranty, which can cause difficulties if you need repairs or maintenance. Often, the sacrifice for the lower price is too high and you are better off paying a bit more for quality reassurance.

Since season is a big influence on Pennsylvania RV sales, consider what time of year you want to shop. Fall and winter offer the best savings as there are many shows and expos where dealers offer special deals, and during this time many people are heading west to the warmth, meaning more sales for those looking to head out as well. Seasonal bargains are typically available online as well, but be aware that if you are not there in person you will not be able to accurately assess the physical condition of your camper before you purchase. If you are attending the sale in person, you will have the luxury of inspecting and even test driving the camper.

When examining the RV, make sure to note any rust or physical damage on the exterior. Inside, carefully inspect the seals around the windows and doors. Beware of soft spots on the floor, faulty outlets and water lines, and grey or black water tanks. Since you’re there in person, you may want to hire a mechanic to professionally inspect the camper and provide an unbiased, third-party report on what repairs may need to be done. This may influence the price or even whether or not you decide to buy it. Shopping online may not give you this luxury, which is something to consider if you are shopping out of state. In order to take advantage of the bargains available in certain regions, you may have to travel.