Travelling and exploring the countryside in a motor room is a fun experience. That is if you have the right motor home. Buying a motorhome, however, is a pretty serious decision.

Before you fall for the hype, go through my ShowHauler Super C Motorhome Review 2023 to understand why I believe this is one of the best motorhomes available currently.

Benefits of ShowHauler Super C Motorhome:

1. Outside baggage storage:

ShowHauler Super C Motorhome offers exterior storage space with vertical doors or sliders (to be chosen while ordering). If need be you can order one with internally joint compartment for storing large possessions.

2. Exterior entertainment center:

The exterior entertainment center comes with a 43-inch Samsung TV and a sound bar. Put a few chairs outdoors and enjoying the surroundings while watching a movie is easy.

3. Sturdy structure:

This motor home has a steel chassis. The all steel chassis is supported by additional bars in between to increase its load carrying capacity. The custom made chassis is matched with sturdy axles to provide better control while driving. The excellent construction quality reduces maintenance requirements.

4. Ample battery capacity:

The motorhome can be ordered with 400 AH solar and 400 AH lithium-ion batteries. It can store a lot of power because of this high battery capacity.

5. Multiple sleeping options:

With three different sleeping options available, it can accommodate up to 6 people.

To start with, you can rest on a king-size bed, Queen size sleeper bed, as well as a bunk bed.

6. High-quality appliances:

With our increased dependency on appliances, their quality matters when buying a motor home. The ShowHauler Super C Motorhome offers various high-grade appliances like:

· 50" inch qLED TV

· 20 cu. ft refrigerator

· Washer-Dryer

The firefly control mechanism makes it easy to control these appliances. Besides, the slider controls are independent of the firefly, allowing you to operate them in case of a fuse blowout from the main controls.

7. Bath in the living area:

Most motorhomes save on space for a bath in the bedroom area. This motorhome, however, has half a bath in the living area and a full bath in the bedroom area. Consequently, it is unnecessary to go all the way to the bedroom just to use the Bath area.

8. Sitting options available:

Besides the sleeping options highlighted above, the motor home offers you two sitting options.

The theatre recliner seats in front of the TV to enjoy movies indoors. The power recliner feature makes resting at the angle you prefer.

The dinette comes with sofas, making it comfortable to dine with your family and friends.

Apart from that, the Queen size bed can be retracted to function as a sitting space.

Six people can be accommodated in the living area without using the bedroom.

9. Plenty of storage space:

The motor room offers plenty of storage for six people.

Vertical cabinets for storage are on either side of the bunk bed mattress. While ordering the motor home, you can opt for pull-out shelves in these cabinets or height-adjustable ones.

Additional storage space is available in the bedroom.

10. Fully equipped bedroom:

Walking into the bedroom, you will notice that in between the bed and the TV, there is ample storage space. The well-designed layout of the bedroom ensures you do not miss out on anything.

-King size bed:

The bed on offer is king-sized. While ordering, you can opt for themed decor, which will also reflect in the bedroom.

-Large closet:

Behind the TV, there is large closet space. The slider doors ensure that accessing this closet space is easy.

Beneath the TV are also storage cabinets. Space has been utilized in the bedroom area to help you store your belongings like clothes, cosmetics, handbags, shoes, etc.

-Tiled shower:

The bedroom comes with a tiled shower area. The dedicated shower area is designed so that when a person uses the toilet area, the access to the shower area isn't hampered.

The tiling certainly adds to the premium look of the bathroom.

Overall, bedroom offers you comfort and a lot of storage space.

11. Washer dryer:

If you go through the pictures of this motor home, you will find that besides half bath, there is also one big storage compartment. That is for the washer and dryer. The company will provide you with a premium quality washer and dryer enclosed within this cabinet. Accessing both of these is going to be easy.

Once again, the motor home is designed such that you need not buy the appliances separately. It contains all the necessary appliances which make it easy to live in your motor home for weeks together.

12. Plenty of windows:

Natural light is a must when travelling in your motor home.

Throughout the home, you will notice several large and small windows to let the natural light flow in.

For example, natural light can fall right onto the dinette and the theatre recliner seats.

In the bedroom, there are plenty of windows surrounding the bed.

Of course, all these come with blinders. You can certainly use these blinders if you need privacy or do not want that much light.

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Who is ShowHauler Super C Motorhome suitable for?

Usually, such motor rooms are popular with sports enthusiasts such as the racing industry. However, in recent years families have been buying them to spend bonding time and explore the countryside simultaneously.

Whether you are a travel enthusiast, a sports lover, or a relaxed traveler, this motor home will certainly match your requirements.

Who is ShowHauler Super C Motorhome not best for?

Any motorhome is not worth sitting in the garage or driveway. Truth be told, if you do not plan to use it for at least a couple of weeks a year, there is no point in buying such a motor home.

The only other person for whom this motor is unsuitable is the one with a large family and needs to fit more than six people in a motor home. The problem is that very few other motor homes offer a capacity higher than six people.

Video Tour of the Showhauler

Pricing and Specs:

Price MSRP: $ 625,000


· Sleeps (maximum): 6

· Construction Material: Steel

· Beds: 3

· Bed types: Queen, King, Bunk

· Bathroom: 2


· Multiple sitting options

· Comfortable dinette

· Two TVs on offer

· Easy to drive

· Large storage spaces available

· Appliances included

· Sturdy construction


· Walking space in the living area is limited