If you are looking for a new fifth wheel motor home, then the Cedar Creek 390RK RV 2023 offers unparalleled features. If you're looking for exceptional space and comfort, the Cedar Creek 390RK RV is hard to disappoint. Here's a look at the Cedar Creek 390RK RV 2023 to find out what makes this RV special.

Benefits of Cedar Creek 390RK RV:

1. More walking space:

Cedar Creek 390RK RV offers a layout with sleeping and sitting features on opposite sides. Consequently, the space in between is vacant, which ensures excellent walking space. It won't feel cramped when you're stuck inside your fifth wheel on a rainy day.

2. Accent lighting incorporated:

Accent lighting can add to the convenience of an RV. And stylistically, it looks breathtaking. It allows you to find your way around the RV without illuminating it fully. The good news is this RV offers accent lighting in the ceiling and the floor near the sink area. Moving around in complete darkness will be easy because of this lighting. Not to speak of the aesthetically pleasing ambiance that such light creates.

3. Higher ceiling:

You might think walking space is great, but what about the ceiling height? The Even if you're tall, moving around in this RV isn't a problem. The ceiling height is around 6 feet 8 inches. The central portion is even higher at around 10 feet.

4. Multiple sitting options:

The RV is designed in such a way that it offers you multiple sitting options. Some of these are:

· Love seat:

In the common area, you get love seat with ports.

· Two recliners:

The common area also has two recliners which can be converted into beds.

· Dinette:

The dinette area comes with two pre-installed chairs. Two additional chairs are stored underneath the bed.

5. Dual power controls:

Using a touchscreen, you can control lights and appliances. However, you also get manual controls. If the centralized touchscreen control fails, you can use the individual controls. With up and down arrows beside the light buttons, dimming lights is possible.

6. Large refrigerator storage space:

How about a double-door refrigerator in an RV?

The Cedar Creek 390RK has that, along with the large freezing area. If you, like me, enjoy going on long trips in your fifth wheel, you can stock food for a week or so.

7. Large storage space:

One problem with most RVs is that the amount of storage space is limited. It severely limits the stockpile you can carry.

With this RV, that isn't a problem.

If you have used an RV previously, you will instantly notice the large storage space in this one. Above the refrigerator, sink, and oven, you will find storage space. There is a vertical pantry beside the kitchen area to store things. Bedroom also offers plenty of storage.

8. High-quality appliances:

The RV is loaded with appliances. The appliances are of high quality. Examples include:

· LG refrigerator

· Insignia microwave

· Insignia oven

· Insignia 50" TV

· Electric Fireplace

Care has been taken to provide maximum cooking and storage space by choosing the biggest possible appliances. Despite that, you will find plenty of walking space in the kitchen.

9. Fully equipped bedroom:

The RV's bedroom area is designed to feel more like a. Some features include:

· Desk setup:

The bedroom features a work desk and a router.

· TV:

The swiveling TV in the bedroom keeps you entertained during the trip.

· Numerous storage options:

Cabinets are available in the bedroom as well as the bathroom.

· Fixture for washer and dryer:

Not only that, you can install a washer and dryer since the bedroom has the fixtures for one. Plumbing connections are also available for hot and cold water. The closed cabinet for washer and dryer keeps it out of sight when you install one.

· Comfortable bed:

The bed is comfortable, with windows on either side and connectivity ports for charging. Below the bed is storage space where extra dinette chairs are stored.

· Dresser setup:

Of course, the bedroom setup isn't complete without the dresser. With numerous drawers available, storing your cosmetics, clothes, and other personal belongings is easy.

· Shower area with four spouts:

A modern shower with 4 spouts is offered by the manufacturer. The partition for the shower area separates it from the rest of the bathroom.

Such features make your RV stay luxurious.

10. Offers outdoor kitchen setup:

The RV helps you enjoy your time outdoors by offering an outdoor kitchen.

· Space for griddle:

The RV comes with a griddle and space to install one.

· Mini-refrigerator:

It also offers a mini refrigerator on the outside. The presence of 2 refrigerators, drastically increases the refrigerated space in the rv helping you store food for long.

·Bulk storage space:

RV also offers storage slot on the outside as well. Not only that numerous electrical ports, ensure powering any appliance outside is possible.

Great care has been taken to provide you all the amenities needed to spend time outdoors.

11. Ability to add two awnings:

While the RV, by default, comes with a single awning, there is space to add another. This certainly increases the liveable area.

Cedar Creek 390RK RV certainly raises the bar for other RVs to match. It is jam-packed with features that you won't find in other RVs.

Video Tour of the 2023 Cedar Creek 390RK

Who is Cedar Creek 390RK RV suitable for?

Cedar Creek 390RK RV is suitable for couples and families who want to enjoy time outdoors and explore the countryside. It can keep you comfortable during the trip. With such an RV, the journey becomes a pleasurable experience.

Who is Cedar Creek 390RK RV not best for?

The only person who shouldn't buy this RV is, one who does not undertake at least a couple of trips a year. Thus, if you plan to use this RV for at least 10 to 15 days a year, it is a must-buy. You can also take a look at our top picks for RV's.

Cedar Creek 390RK Price and Specs

Pricing: To Be Announced

Sleeps (maximum): 6

Construction Material: Aluminum

Awnings: Up to 2

Beds: 3 (including convertibles)

Bed types: Queen, King, Convertible

Bathroom: 1


· Centralized touchscreen control panel

· Suitable for bigger families

· Spacious layout

· Premium appliances

· Large storage space

· Outdoor kitchen on offer


· Dinette can be a bit bigger