• Bad quality bottle, leaking after second use
  • Needs hard scrubbing to remove light grease and dirt

Chemical Guys HOL401 Eco Friendly Drought-Buster Waterless Car Wash & Wax Kit (8 Items)

Given that all the products listed in this review were designed over the same purpose, you might probably think that they are all just the same in terms of performance and benefits. However, the reviews from hundreds of users will tell you the exact opposite. Unlike the TriNova brand which only contains 12 ounce per bottle, the Chemical Guys HOL401 Friendly Drought-Buster contains 16 ounce per bottle equivalent to two gallons.

If you have more than one car at home, you must opt for a product with higher quantity at a fair price. In addition to its features, it is safe for all types of cars and car paints, and it comes into view with easy instructional guide, which works perfect for first-timers. Below are the pros and cons to help yThe sprayer worked great tter balance your decisions on whether or not this is going to be a better choice than the other two products listed in this review.


  •  Very efficient and effective
  • This process cuts down on time and the mess compared to using a bucket of soap and water hose
  • The sprayer works great
  • Easy to use for a quick wash
  • Sprayer has multiple functions.
  • The product itself cleans and leaves a show shine finish
  • Great quality for the price


  • Needs to adjust nozzle before adding soap to get desired spray

Eco Touch (WCX16C) Waterless Car Wash and Wax Concentrate - 16 fl. oz

Budget-wise, the Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash and Wax Concentrate has the cheapest price tag among the three products included in this review. If you feel like opting for a cheaper price without compromising the true purpose of the product, which is to clean and protect cars, this one is a must-have on your checklist.

What makes this wash and wax product unique from the other two is that it protects the car from UV rays damages which can last for several weeks. Its ultraviolet protection is a huge plus as this prevents the car's paint from getting damaged. Worry no more about faded automobile paints and worn out car looks with this amazing wash and wax cleaner.


  • Easy to use, saves water
  • Leaves a protective finish on your car
  • Repels dirt and has a nice gloss
  • Long lasting
  • Great non-toxic cleaner
  • Safer to use than many other waterless car wash and wax kits
  • No odors
  • Works perfect for all seasons
  • Gives consistent results
  • Results are way better than the traditional car wash
  • Perfect for removing pollen, leaves your car shiny
  • Does not leave any residue on the car glasses
  • Does an excellent job cleaning cars
  • Doesn't scratch the paint from the dust and dirt
  • Can be used for motorcycle cleaning
  • Superb quality at a very fair price
  • Doesn't make the hands itchy
  • Comes with nice microfiber clothes
  • Great value for the money


  • Only great for touch ups according to some

Knowing that you will have to pay the consequences in the latter if you keep your car just as it is after several weeks in the road, you'll probably find yourself looking for something to clean your car with that won't ask much of your effort going back and forth from the car wash shop.

Check out all the reviews and decide from there. In that way, you can better compare the differences and edges of each product. When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your cars, you don't have to spend much to get to the right product, all you have to do is compare and decide which is your best pick.