What are the cars that hold their value and actually go up?

5) 1969 Toyota 2000GT 2dr Coupe 6-cyl. 1988cc/150hp 3x2bbl DOHC


Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_2000GT

When you think Toyota, you think Japanese and reliable. You don't think classic car. Take a look at this beauty. Its design also reminds us of the classic Corvette. However, this Toyota may shock you in price. The MSRP back in 1969 was $9,800. Today, the high retail price is $919,800.


On your next vehicle purchase, instead of buying new or Certified Pre-Owned, you may want to consider buying a classic car. Aside form the Toyota 2000GT, there are several classic cars that are very affordable and will continue to go up in price.