If you're a legit motorcycle enthusiast, to have motorcycle helmets with built-in bluetooth is common for riders. While many ordinary motorists don't feel the need of having one, it's different for riders who consider motor driving as their favorite hobby. If you want to make your trips more easy to communicate with your fellow riders without having to deal with the hassle of taking your helmet off, get yourself the best motorcycle helmet with bluetooth.

We all have different hobbies and types of adventures which we usually do every summer. May it be a water sport or a land adventure, we always end up looking for something that'll make the journey convenient, fun, and hassle-free.

  • Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic (Flat Black, Large)
  • FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets Flip up Dual Visors  Full Face Built-in Integrated Intercom Communication System (M,Matte Black)
  • Hawk H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet - Medium

All of us would definitely be glad knowing that our rides are made even safer without having to spend extra bulks. Bluetooth devices are one of the most effective means of communication, which means it's definitely a huge advantage for individual motorcycle riders who are out in the road most of the time. Review the pros and cons of each product to help you decide which of them is the best choice.

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic

When searching for the best motorcycle helmet with bluetooth, you can definitely find a lot of great deals while shopping online. However, your choice would depend on your overall needs and preference as a buyer. If you're bothered about maybe having to spend extra money just to get only the best helmet with bluetooth, that's not going to be the case if you go with the new Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic.

It is well-constructed with removable comfort liner and an easy-lock drop down sun visor. Others would complain about having a hard time flipping their helmet's sun visors in the middle of driving, which is uncomfortable and inconvenient especially during long rides, so if you're among them, you might as well want to give this one a try.

In addition to its features, it has dual density EPS and blinc bluetooth with or without audio, which adds on to the overall convenience one can get from this helmet. Check out the pros and cons below to get some insights about the performance and durability of this product in general.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • True to size, fits just right
  • Weight is acceptable and comparable to the standard full face on the market
  • Durable paddings
  • Helmet holds firm to the head when strapped properly with minimal head shake
  • Very safe and provides protection well
  • Visor is adequate and seals to the front of the helmet well
  • Sun visor operation is smooth and easy to operate
  • Adequate speakers
  • Great helmet for the price
  • Not static at all


  • A bit noisy
  • Sun visor could stand to be a little darker
  • Main visor is a little slack in the "vented" position
  • Ventilation system doesn't appear to be "good" for some

FreedConn Motorcycle Helmets Flip up Dual Visors Full Face, Built-in Integrated Intercom Communication System

Just like what most motor riders say, the more the merrier. So if you're on the same page as them, you're probably a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to stay out in the road speeding up with your fellow riders. If you have yet to fulfill your bucket list because you're still stuck deciding as to which one is the best pick, include this helmet on your checklist.

With the list of amazing features this has to offer, you can never go wrong with this one. What made it more beneficial compared to many other helmets is the fact that it has an extremely powerful communication system with its built-in bluetooth intercom that allows you to connect up to two people and up to 500 meters. When it comes to durability and how well it can keep up with your driving in general, it's well-made of an ABS lightweight shell with advanced ventilation system and has a multi-functional "one button control" responsible for completing all your operations while driving.


  • Helmets have a space age vibe that is really pleasing to the eyes
  • Clear visor is easy to open and close
  • Great sun visor with its wrap around protection from the sun
  • Easy-flip visors
  • Front face of the Modular helmet opens easily by pressing on the button located on the inside of the chin section of the helmet
  • Bluetooth system is easy to charge with the cord supplied by just plugging it into your computer or a USB wall plug in
  • Very easy to follow the directions to connect to both my phone and helmet to helmet
  • Sound from the speakers inside the helmet were very clear and nice
  • Mic built into the left side of the helmet picks up your voice easily
  • Great helmet for the price
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Very durable


  • Size runs smaller
  •  Inaccurate sizing chart

Hawk H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

The Hawk H-500 Flat Black Bluetooth Full Face Helmet has fewer features compared to the first two helmets reviewed in this post. However, what made this helmet a bit unique compared to the two helmets is the fact that it is meticulously made to be anti-scratch and anti-fog, which is rare to find among helmets with cheaper price.

If you're concerned about the overall look of your motorcycle helmet even after usage and after hitting the road for long hours, try this Hawk H-500. Made of high-quality materials, it has multi density EPS and injected molded shell ABS, ensuring that you are well protected and safe while enjoying a ride with your buddies. It has flow-through ventilation system, which allows you to enjoy enough air to get in without distraction. Also, its inner linings are also made removable and washable to always keep it clean and fresh.


  • Great buy for the price
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Speakers work well in playing music
  • Good functionality
  • Nice and quiet
  • Fits just right
  • Impressive range of the bluetooth
  • Clear visors
  • Works great
  • Pairs with the devices easily


  • Bad sound quality according to some
  • Bit snug for some

You'll never have to worry choosing one of these helmets as all of them flaunted  quite amazing features to love for. Aside from the fact that motorcycle helmets with bluetooth make your ride more safe knowing that you can reach out to any of your fellow travelers whenever you feel the need to, this new technology also offers a bunch of exciting benefits including the privilege to listen to your favorite music and to have real conversations with your travelling buddies.