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Last Updated on August 25, 2022

Winter season is far from over yet so aside from enjoying the holidays to bits, it's also the best time to check your cars if they are also up for you upcoming travels this season. Among the couple of things that we always do in setting up our vehicles before hitting the road for long travels is checking our windshield wipers.

It's definitely the coldest season of the year and that gives you more reason to check your windshield wipers before hitting the road. One of the most important reminders to always keep in mind is "safety first" when driving and keeping your visibility 100% to avoid road accidents and collisions, which can be inevitable especially at times when the weather condition is extremely bad.

For that reason and for whatever reason you have in mind while reading this post, securing your safety while enjoying the rides with your family and friends should be on top of your priorities and responsibilities as a driver and a vehicle owner. If you have yet to choose the best windshield wiper for winter, check out the list below and the reviews of each product to give you an overview of the best wipers available in the market.

  • Rain-X 26" Winter Wiper Blade
  • ANCO 30-18 Winter Wiper Blade - 18", (Pack of 1)
  • TRICO Chill 37-225 Extreme Weather Winter Wiper Blade - 22" (Pack of 1)

Fight off the cold weather while driving using the best windshield wiper for winter. The list above comes into view with real customer reviews and testimonials shared through Amazon, providing you the opportunity to narrow the benefits and disadvantages down before making a purchase.

Rain-X 26" Winter Wiper Blade


The Rain-X 26" Winter Wiper Blade is well-made to the highest quality and has a built-in durable encased substructure, which increases the ability of the wiper to be pliable and flexible enough to fight off bad weather conditions. Constructed for purpose of protecting your windshields during winter season, this blade has ice-resistant frames preventing the snow build-up through removing the exposed metal components.

If you hit the road more often even in the middle of a freezing temperature, you can never go wrong with this Rain-X 26" with its blade that can fit J-hook, pin arms, and bayonet arms, the product description itself doesn't have to say more about its overall flexibility, which is more likely needed when snowing.


  • Great quality wiper blades and long-lasting
  • Doesn't leave unwanted streaks on the windshields
  • Works perfectly for the winter season
  • Solid wiper blade choice
  • The wiper blade itself seems to be nice
  • Fairly priced for the performance and quality of the product
  • No squeaks or scrubs across the windshield


  • It's not compatible to other vehicles
  • Paint bubbled where it connects to wiper arm

ANCO 30-18 Winter Wiper Blade - 18", (Pack of 1)


The ANCO 30-18 Winter Wiper Blade 18" comes in shape with superior durability to withstand winter conditions. It is well-made with a DuraKlear exclusive rubber compound that provides consistent streak-free wipe while keeping the blade still flexible in the middle of freezing temperatures.

Also, the rugged rubber cover with heavy duty frame helps to prevent slush from freezing angles of the windshields and comes into view with a KwikConnect Installation System, which makes it easier for a wiper blade replacement. This brand offers a variety sizes so this is a big plus if your aim is to purchase more than one of the sizes available.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Snow and ice do not get in between blade and arm so wipers always stay flexible no matter what the temp or conditions
  • Extra weight makes perfect clean swipes
  • Great value and seems very easy to install
  • Provides good clean wiping
  • Can last not only in low temperatures, but also withstands heat exceeding 100 degrees
  • Consistent quality and performance
  •  Leaves no patchy mess anywhere
  • Mount is much sturdier
  • Wiper blade works really well
  • Fit as advertised
  • Streak free, perfect fit, quiet
  • A good heavy duty product for a cheap price
  • Plastic covering looks weird and the big bright red edge sticks out
  • This product is continually tested as the winter isn't over yet and gives exceptional performance
  • The rubber sheath prevents them from icing up
  •  Cleared off all the area it reached in one swipe, outdoing the rain-x, and bosch


  • Not compatible to all vehicles
  • A bit expensive compared to other winter blades
  • Smears noticeably
  • Still leaves streak on the windshields

TRICO Chill 37-225 Extreme Weather Winter Wiper Blade - 22" (Pack of 1)


The TRICO Chill 37-225 22" is just as exactly as described "extreme weather winter wiper blade." Needless to emphasize the specialty of this winter wiper blade, this consistently provides high performance in withstanding drastic weather conditions and is well-made of a strong metal encased in a protective boot to prevent snow and ice build up.

Furthermore, it also has a precision cut natural rubber for wiping and clearing your windshields, which makes the product a better deal than many other generic winter wipers. Adapters along with easy-access instructions for swift installation are as well attached to each blade, making it a lot more hassle-free for you.


  • Great blade, great price
  • The rubber enclosure keeps them from icing up
  • Fits well
  • Fairly priced for a good performance
  • High quality
  • Wiper blades great for winter conditions
  • Somewhat prevents snow build up around rubber wiping area and metal arm frame
  • The cover works well
  • Good wipers, they are nice and sturdy, and holding up well
  • Doesn't leave streaks
  • Wipers look nice on the car
  • Very easy to install


  •  It doesn't contact the glass in the middle, only the edges
  • The rubber jacket that keeps ice from forming in the wiper has the unintended side effect of not allowing wiper fluid to pass through the opening

Worry no more with these best windshield wiper for winter. If your plans to go on road trips are all-set or if you can't stay home due to work and worrying how long are your current wiper blades can last under a freezing weather, check out each item and consider reading the pros and cons from different reviews made by individuals who have tried the products themselves.

In that way, finding the best windshield wiper for winter is made a lot easier. Remember that while adventures make you alive and excited especially this holiday season, nothing beats the importance of putting "safety driving" on top of your priorities. As a car owner, your responsibility is not only limited to just washing your car regularly and spending extra bucks to make it look cool and glossy, but also making sure all machine parts and tools are still in good condition and are working well, especially during rainy and winter season.