Edmunds Car Value - Determining a Used Car’s Value

The internet has almost everything that you need. It contains all the services and information in one click of a button. It also has the information a car enthusiast needs in order to get the best deals especially for used cars. And Edmunds got it all for you.

There are other pertinent sources of information and reviews can be given by experts such as an automobile mechanic, opinion of people you trust, or even the word of a person who sells cars at Edmunds car review section. But it may be better to supplement it with the information from a well renowned company. Edmunds has proven itself to be a very reliable source when it comes to Edmunds car review. The reviews and information they publish in their page are first hand since they are connected to different car manufacturers. In addition, their employees have solid experience when it comes to car publications. This makes their information is very credible. And with the use of their calculator, you may come up with an estimate of a car’s cost. The best news is, it is free.

Make sure that you are able to gather enough information regarding the features of the car that you are planning to buy or sell. Using Edmunds’ calculator, you will get a more accurate price for it if you add the features that you are looking for. This is in addition to the brand, the make and its model. In order to do so, all you have to do is follow the following steps.

First is to log on to Edmunds web page and click the link that reads Used Cars. Then, using the Used Car Appraiser page, select the model of the car. This will help you and the program narrow down their selection of car appraisals.

Next, it is vital that you determine the year that the car was manufactured because this can also affect the value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, Edmunds only has a list of car appraisals dating from 1990 and onwards. Any car before that year may not be available in their system.

It is also important that you determine the car’s model and style. This affects the car’s value tremendously because there are those which cost less than others. Discriminating it may sound, but that is the reality of the car industry.

You should also enter the car’s color and most especially its accumulated mileage. The mileage factors helps in determining a car’s value because the more mileage is has stacked up the lesser the value it has. This is attributed to the car’s wear and tear. But again, this is just an estimate, which may change accordingly depending on the overall condition of the car once it has been inspected personally.

It may also be important to add into its information the car’s special features which are usually installed by the user for customization. With the help of this information, chances of getting a higher value for your car increases. Just check the applicable features which are enlisted in the Optional Equipment section of the site.

Lastly, you are to categorize the condition of your car. Edmunds car review uses five categories for cars. Users may be able to choose between Outstanding, Clean, Average, Rough, and Damaged. Remember to be honest when choosing one. After doing so, click Get Pricing Report. The most convenient feature that you may love about Edmund is it presents a car’s value for trading in, private party, and pricing for dealers all at once. This is a good way to be a step ahead no matter what the situation you are in.

Valuation of Used Cars for Free

The first and most refutable web page that provides free car valuation is the National Automobile Dealer’s Association, or as it is commonly known, NADA. NADA Guide provide the most comprehensive valuation of any car. With a decade’s worth o f experience under its belt, it has been one of the most trusted websites with regards to providing car information. In addition, they are also able to aid dealers and buyers in closing a deal successfully. They also provide prices of new, used, and even classic cars beyond the 90s. It becomes better because you do not have to spend a penny.

Another site that may give NADA Guide a run for its money (not really) is the Kelley Blue Book. In spite of the ownership change, it has maintained the quality of service that it has been known for. In fact, they became better. Their services expanded to include automobile information which is in addition to their services involving the fields of insurance, auto club, and warranty.

And lastly there is Edmunds. One of the most trusted sites when it comes to used cars; it has provided good services in relation to car valuation. And it is the best go to site when it comes to information regarding used cars. But the prices published may change every now and then because of the economy’s unpredictable pattern.

We will always recommend you to consult NADA Guide for a good Blue Book value when buying or selling a car. Search for NADA Guide on Google to find the suggested Blue Book Value for your car. Check NADA car value on their website or refer to Kelley Blue Book for more information. NADA car value is usually considered to be higher than other blue book guide like Kelley Blue Book due to the various factors involved. NADA car value works best when buying a new vehicle as it does not considers the actual condition of the vehicle. You can find more information regarding NADA Guide or Kelley Blue Book on Google for more information.