Finding the Value of RV Motor Homes with NADA RV Value Guide

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April 23, 2024 | RV Motor Homes are becoming more and more popular on the summer vacation circuit. They offer a hotel on wheels that provides even the most average driver with the opportunity to travel and sightsee in the comfort of their own home (on wheels). When purchasing or selling an RV or camper, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Guide is a key resource when it comes to value, prices, and other essential information.

Finding Nada Used RV Values

NADA established the rules and grounds for the used vehicle market back in 1933 and has been a go-to source for buyers, private sellers, and dealerships alike. You can subscribe to NADA guide online or postal mail by visiting their website at

Once you’ve subscribed, you can use the NADA guide to help you in the business of buying or selling an RV motor home. NADA guide will keep you on top of local market trends and give you the advantageous ability to spot deals and bargains. The following steps will help you read these guides, understand new and used values and market trends, and ultimately protect your investment when it comes to buying and selling used vehicles.

  •  Cross-reference different sources to get the most accurate value estimate possible.

Check out guidebooks as well as classified ads and websites. When you begin your search, consider the size, year, mileage, and both the interior and exterior condition of the RV in question.

You can plug this information into NADA’s website, as well as classifieds sites and other automotive guides, except for the Kelley Blue Book RV guide as it's not available. These details, combined with the price listings you find online and in the guides, will give you are more accurate value.

Should I consider NADA RV private party value?

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If you are looking to buy or sell a used RV, chances are high that this will be coming from a person (private party) and not a dealer. The NADA Guides will help you come up with this number.

But don't take the Nada Private party amount at face value. You still need to research local market trends to see what recent selling prices are.

Take the details from Step 1 and compare them to similar recreational vehicles that are selling in your area. What prices are they selling for? Is yours comparable or competitive enough? Make sure you note specific interior amenities and any upgrades that may give you an edge over the competition.

  • Return to your guidebooks with the information you learn from Steps 1 and 2.

Once you have cross-checked your facts with different websites and guides, and after you’ve researched your local market trends for popular selling prices, return to NADA guide and/or Kelley Blue Book and see how things add up.

Do the sources list similar prices? Is your local market following NADA’s price recommendations? You may need to adjust your offer or selling price based on your answers to those questions.

If you are looking to buy a recreational vehicle or camper, consult NADA RV value guide to get a grasp on the ballpark of prices you are working with. Bringing the findings you’ve obtained from the guide will help you in negotiating prices with the seller or dealership.

On top of price listings, NADA also includes a publication regarding the different types of RVs, campers, and recreational vehicles on the market and what each of their uses are.

For example, are you looking for a luxury unit or a towable trailer? Each have different and specific advantages and disadvantages, so when you determine what expectations you have for your vehicle, NADA RV value guide can help you hone in on the brand, model, and type that will help you meet these expectations.

If you are looking to sell your RV, NADA guide will not only recommend realistic and accessible price points, they will also give you pointers on maintaining your camper’s condition so it can warrant the best possible price.

The condition of any used vehicle greatly influences the price a seller will get, so make sure your RV is clean, pristine, and upgrade any appliances or units it may have. Anything that will give you an edge in this competitive market will ensure you get the fairest price possible.

Regardless of whether you are a customer or a seller, knowing the value of your recreation vehicle will help you get the most out of your money. NADA guide is there to ensure your money is not lost or wasted.