You are in the market for a used car. However, you aren't the type to email car dealers like we have previously recommended. Instead, you just want to get out into the battlefield and go to war and find your perfect used car. Well, if this is the case, you are going to have to be armed on how to talk to used car salesman.



Used car sales guys (and gals) have probably worst reputations than lawyers. There are a lot of good ones out there, but many of them just want to make the quick sale, earn their commission and move on to the next buyer. Keep reading so that your are able keep up with them and talk their lingo.



This may seem obvious to many of you, but so many people consider just going to the used car lot as part of their research. Thinking they are going there to research car prices, they end leaving with a car that they overpaid for. Make sure before you go, to check the Nada Blue Book and Kelley Blue Book Values. These will be the two main books, the used car dealer will have access to. Buying a used car is a lot easier to research than buying a brand new car, because of these books. With a new car, it's hard to determine how much the manufacturer is giving the dealer.

If you are buying a used vehicle, one of your best resources can be the salesman himself. Since he specializes in the sales of used vehicles, he will be able to answer most of the questions and concerns you may have regarding a purchase. To avoid any trickery, the key is to know which questions to ask and understanding the answers you receive regarding the following topics. A better suggestion would be to consult NADA Blue Book or NADA Guide for suggested NADA car value and see if the salesman asks for more price than NADA car value or not.



When you walk onto the dealership telling the auto sales guy that you came from another dealer, this shows the car salesman that you are willing to walk away from a deal since they know the sales guy at the other dealer probably tried to get you to but a car. On top of that, they know you are a lot more informed about the vehicles you are looking at since you just came from looking at another one.

Kelley Blue Book


There is nothing more powerful than walking away. Even if you really want the car, there is nothing from stopping you from driving down the block and then driving back. If you aren't getting the price that you want, go ahead and walk away and you'll see how the car salesman comes running after you giving you a better deal.



There used to be a time when flashing a wallet full of money could get you a better deal. Nowadays, that actually hurts you. A lot of dealers make their money financing at ridiculous interest rates. So when the used car salesman asks you how you plan on buying the car - tell them you are not sure, that it depends on the deal but you may finance it. This will be able to get you a lower price.



Bring your wife, friend, partner... heck, bring your mom. You want someone when talking to the salesguy so that he can hear your thoughts. If you bring your wife, have her be the one telling you that she wants to use the money to remodel the kitchen. The sales guys is going to be using his boss with this routine, so why shouldn't you?



The used car salesman is going to be telling you about all the cool options the used car has. Politely tell him how cool that is, but you don't really need that new rear view camera. Or you don't really care that the rearview mirror has a digital compass. Be picky and try and find as many faults as you can about the car.



The salesperson is going to ask you if you are planning on trading in your car. Tell them no. Then at the very end, if you really did want to trade in your car, tell them you changed your mind. The reason you don't want to tell them ahead of time is because you don't want them giving you a lower price based on the trade in of your car. You want that low price BEFORE they know you are going to trade in your car.



Don't be shy or nervous with throwing a low ball offer. The sales guy is going to throw a high number at you, so why should you feel bad?


If you follow the tips above on how to talk to a used car salesman, you will be more prepared than most people. Good luck!