Last Updated on February 17, 2024

Picture this…… you’re driving in your car on the road. You get to an area where the ground becomes unfriendly. Although ordinary cars cannot get far and stay on four wheels, you continue driving onto an area where the ground is bedecked with rocks of various sizes and there are wetland areas and even sand dunes. Sounds crazy?  Maybe, but still you eventually become the envy of your friends because, alas, they arrive at a real AHA moment when they see you riding in your sporty All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV).

Now everyone wants to know what more this vehicle can do and most importantly what’s the value. Well, the KBB ATV manual was created for these situations, better still it is advisable to get hold of the information contained in the Kelley Blue Book ATV official guide.

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It is tempting to say an ATV can do just about anything, and yet, that would not be far from the truth. To begin with it is a useful off road vehicle (ORV).  The range includes three, four and six wheelers. The wheels come with deep grooves making them capable of traversing the uneven and challenging environment associated with farming, hunting, ranching and cross country motor racing competitions. They are manufactured by well known auto makers such as Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and John Deere.

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Fitted with a handlebar the ATV was built to carry one person in a straddle seating posture, though there are a few equipped to carry two persons. They are predominantly four wheel drive (4WD) with cargo carrying capability and towing versatility. The technical features vary but it is usual to find these vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, electronic fuel injection, power steering and modern hydraulic disc and drum brakes. Keep in mind that the Kelley Blue Book ATV pricing guide will match features to price value.

KBB ATV Off-Roading

With its robust design and optimum utility credentials the next question will most likely be, “how much does it cost and why refer to its ATV Blue Book value?  Les Kelley, a twentieth century car dealer is renowned for using his mechanical experience and expertise to remodel and then resell used cars which he had previously bought. He became the authority on estimating current value on automobiles and published a book for that purpose.

If you have a lot of chores to do this is a handy motorized equipment you will enjoy spending time on. The Kelley Blue Book ATV value is a respected component in the determination of the worth of this machine. If you have a large farm for instance it is a challenge to monitor the boundaries from end to end. Thankfully this task becomes easier with this energized road runner. You may also round up cattle and other herd with its help. By the way, do you have any bricks, soil or other farm material needing to be hauled? Throw away the tired wheel barrow and save your back by using an ATV.

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It’s never all about work either. Have you ever felt the desire to go speedily around corners with great maneuverability, or to simply accelerate in a hurry? Just make sure it is done safely and legally. Grab hold of the KBB ATV document and treat yourself to an unbelievable machine. When it is time to trade in for a newer model, the KBB ATV value will be the guide to ensure that you benefit from the true value of your investment.