Kelley Blue Book Used Cars - Online Database for Used Car Values

April 23, 2024 |The number of people who are involved in the car market is growing larger. It does not matter whether you are one of those who are looking to sell or those who wants to purchase a car. But the important thing here is to learn the value of the car before even making the decision of getting into the industry.

The Kelley Blue Book is the staple of the industry when it comes to resource points. Modern technology paves the way for bringing the Blue Book into the internet. There is no longer any need for anyone to buy a copy for you to get a good assessment of the car’s true market value.

Once you have logged on to the Kelley Blue Book’s website, all you have to do is key in the car’s model, its manufacturer, and the year of the car to get the estimated Kelley Blue Book Used cars value. You should also never forget to indicate your own zip code. A car’s value may vary from one region to another.

The Kelley Blue Book is able to determine three different values: The trade-in value, its value when sold to Private Parties, and the Suggested Retail Price. The first value is being used when trading-in your car back to the dealership or brand you bought the car from.

The next one which is the Private Party is used when you are planning to sell your car to another private individual. And lastly, the Suggested Retail Price is the value that is being used by dealer’s when they start to negotiate with potential buyers.

It is also important to know about the ins and outs of the vehicle. This means that you should know every single detail about the car involved in describing what makes it a car. This includes from major components such as the type of engine to the little things such as different feature that makes it unique from the rest.

In order to know which method is the best method for you to use in order to get the most out of your car, it would be wise to compare the three. It is recommended that you should sell the car privately since it is the mean in which you can get the most value out of your car. But then again, nothing is set in stone.

After all the studying, you should search your locality for car sales which is within your pricing range. The web page also provides you listings of sales within your area so that you do not waste your time and effort going around different private individuals and dealerships.

Just type in Kelley Blue Book used cars on Google and you will find the pages where you can get some assistance with market value.

It does pay to take a closer look at the cars you are interested in. Kelley Blue Book’s site provides you CARFAX report regarding the car you are interested in. Information that you see in these reports would include any complaints regarding the car and accidents that it was involved in.

Used Car Values that Look to Sell

As it was mentioned earlier, the Kelley Blue Book is the standard when it comes to pricing used cars. The car’s overall condition is one of the keys in determining the true value of the car in the market. The Blue Book should be a good starting point before deciding whether to put your car up in the market or not. These are the steps which will get you the best deal in the market.

It's also important to note, that the KBB doesn't offer the blue book for vintage trailers.

A CARFAX report may be important when you are not the only owner of the car. It will shed some light to the car’s history and you will be able to share the same information if the possible buyer asks. This will be able to give you information regarding its involvement of any accidents and who its previous owners were. This report may either make or break you in the market. This shows how confident you are regarding the car and that it does not have any shady history that could put them in trouble.

You should also present to potential buyers the car’s maintenance records. These will be able to show them that you have repaired any damage to the car. And this might become a good basis for them to pay a little bit higher that what you could have expected or at least a little bit closer to it. It may also pay to have a contract with the mechanic as a reference point of the maintenance that was done on the car.

Lastly is to make sure that the car is in an overall good condition inside, outside, and it performance shows it. It also does not hurt if you freshen up the car so that it will be more presentable for the buyer.