Do you own a vintage travel trailer with pride? Are you interested in its value? The vintage travel trailer industry is expanding, according to a survey by the RV Industry Association, as more trailers are being restored and put back on the road, raising their value and collectibility.

You can use the antique travel trailer blue book as a useful tool to estimate your camper's worth. In this post, we'll discuss what makes a travel trailer vintage, how to recognize your vintage trailer, where to look for comparables, selling advice for antique trailers, and more.

What makes a Travel Trailer Vintage

A camper built between the 1940s and the 1970s is referred to as a vintage travel trailer. Here are a number of characteristics that distinguishes a vintage travel trailer:

Designs that stand out: From the 1940s to the 1970s, travel trailers frequently had distinctive and fashionable designs that distinguished them from other kinds of RVs. This could take the form of artistic exterior accents, imaginative floor plans, or clever space utilisation.

Craftsmanship: The emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship during the vintage era was a major reason in the current high demand for these trailers. Many old travel trailers were constructed with a level of care and attention to detail that is frequently absent in contemporary RVs.

Durability: Compared to many modern travel trailers, vintage travel trailers are more robust since the materials used to construct them were frequently of superior quality and designed to last. Many vintage trailers have been able to withstand the test of time and keep their worth because to this and the emphasis on craftsmanship.

Floor Plans: Innovative floor patterns were a prominent element of vintage travel trailers, providing owners with a special and useful place for their journeys. These designs might include pull-out portions, sleeping lofts, or other innovative ways to make the most of the available space.

High-end components: Wood panelling, metal frames, and fine furniture were frequently used in the construction of vintage travel trailers. The aesthetic appeal that these materials brought to the trailers increased their value and attraction to collectors today.

Iconic brands: Many antique travel trailers were made by well-known companies like Airstream, Shasta, and Spartan, which is why collectors prize them so highly. These companies are renowned for the high calibre, fashionable, and classic designs that still appeal to enthusiasts today.

Retro appeal: For many individuals, old travel trailers bring back fond memories of a more carefree era. These trailers' distinctive looks and time-honoured designs continue to draw collectors and enthusiasts because of their enduring appeal.

Models that are uncommon: The scarcity of some vintage travel trailers makes them valuable and highly sought after by collectors. These uncommon models could stand out from other trailers of their time because of their distinctive features or designs.

History: Many vintage travel trailers have been handed down through the generations and have a fascinating past, which increases their value and allure. A vintage trailer's sentimental worth for its owner and its value to collectors can both be enhanced by knowing the history behind it.

Family Memories: Family holidays and adventures are often associated with vintage travel trailers, which for many families have a special place in their hearts. These trailers are frequently cherished and sought after by enthusiasts and collectors alike because of their sentimental worth.

Where To Look For Your Vintage Trailer or Other Comparables

There are various areas to start your search for comparables for your vintage travel trailer. Here are the best places to look:

Online RV Websites: Websites that specialise in listing RVs for sale, especially vintage travel trailers, are known as online RV classifieds. You can look up trailers that are comparable to yours, compare their asking prices, and get a decent indication of what your trailer's market value would be. Online RV classifieds like RV Trader,, and Outdoorsy are a few examples.

Online RV Forums: Online RV Forums are a terrific way to meet other RV enthusiasts, including owners of antique travel trailers. Join forums for antique trailers to ask questions and get pricing information. You can also go through previous discussions to find out how much other trailers like yours are going for on the open market.,, and are a few of the well-known RV forums.

Shows And Events: Attending RV fairs and events is a terrific way to observe vintage travel trailers up close and learn about comparable trailers' current market values. Additionally, you might get the chance to speak with owners and vendors, ask them questions, and learn more about the vintage trailer market. Some popular RV shows include:

  • An annual meeting of Californian fans of vintage trailers called the Vintage Trailer Rally.
  • An annual gathering of owners of Silver Streak trailers called the Silver Rally.
  • Upcoming events and rallies are listed in the Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine.
  • The National RV Trade Show is a yearly industry gathering that displays the newest in RV design.


It's critical to take your needs and wants into account while selecting a vintage trailer. Determine the trailer's function first.

Will you be living in it full-time, on frequent road trips, or just on the weekends? You can use this to determine the features and size you'll require.

Consider your budget next. Determine your pricing range in advance because vintage trailers can cost anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The trailer's state should then be taken into account.

Here are a few suggestions depending on what you may need:

For a family:

Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht: Imagine taking family holidays in a house-like setting where you can interact over shared activities like cooking, playing games, and exploring the great outdoors. For such family outings, the Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht is the ideal option.

Shasta Airflyte: The Shasta Airflyte's vintage look will transport you back in time while you travel with your family and bring back memories of a more carefree era. After a long day of touring, the family may unwind inside this comfortable old trailer and enjoy one other's company.

A trip for two:

Boler: This portable, lightweight trailer has a comfortable interior and is ideal for a holiday with your special someone. It is simple to tow and is equipped with all the comforts of home.

Silver Streak Clipper: The interior of the sophisticated and opulent Silver Streak Clipper trailer is retro-inspired and has a cosy sleeping area and a useful kitchen. The kitchen is a bonus and makes preparing meals and cooking while travelling simple.You can unwind in the opulent setting and take pleasure in one another's company while making enduring memories.

For a luxurious getaway:

Airstream Ambassador: The Airstream Ambassador is the ideal option for individuals who desire to travel in elegance and comfort. This RV has a contemporary style, top-notch amenities, and a roomy interior that will make your travels relaxing and stylish.

Take a tour through the countryside, stop at a picturesque campsite in your Airstream Ambassador, and enter to feel like a king or queen. This RV is ideal for individuals who want to travel in luxury thanks to its plush furniture and well-appointed features.

Spartan Manor: The Spartan Manor is the only option if you're seeking for a luxurious antique travel trailer. This RV is ideal for individuals who want to travel in comfort due to its luxurious interiors and stylish design.

Imagine pulling up to a tranquil lake, unlocking the doors to your Spartan Manor, and entering to be whisked away to an opulent age.

The Spartan Manor is the ideal option for a luxurious antique vacation experience, whether you're travelling with family or your significant other.

Budget RVs:

Serro Scotty: The Serro Scotty is an excellent choice if you want a vintage travel trailer but don't want to spend a fortune.

This RV is a great option for individuals seeking to save money because it is compact, lightweight, and has an easy-to-use interior.

Consider going on a road trip with your loved one, pitching up camp in a quiet area, and living simply in your Serro Scotty.

For those who wish to travel in the past without sacrificing comfort or luxury, this inexpensive RV is ideal.

Trillium: The Trillium is the ideal option if you're looking for a reasonably priced vintage travel trailer. This RV is a great choice for individuals who wish to travel in style while saving money because of its low cost and lightweight design.

Imagine setting up camp in a peaceful area, going on outdoor adventures, and then coming back to your Trillium at night to unwind in its comfortable interior.

The Trillium is the ideal option for an economical vintage travel experience whether you're travelling alone or with a companion.

SELLING A TRAILER. How do you sell a vintage trailer?

An excellent approach to get a return on your investment is by selling a vintage trailer. Here are the best things you can do to sell your trailer:

Determine Its Worth: Finding out the worth of your trailer requires doing some research on similar trailers and their asking prices. If you want to know how much your trailer is worth, you can also think about getting a professional appraisal.

Research and Photos: Do your research and take photos of your trailer, including its brand and model, year of production, condition, and any additions or improvements that have been undertaken. Take detailed pictures of the trailer's interior and exterior, as well as any noteworthy features or additions.

List It For Sale: As soon as you have all the necessary details and images, you may begin putting your trailer for sale. Your trailer can be listed in a variety of online areas to reach a large audience of potential purchasers, including online ads, RV forums, and auction sites.

Decide on a Price: When deciding on a price for your trailer, take your research and appraisal findings into account. Be honest with yourself about the value of your trailer and set a fair price to draw in customers.

Answering Questions: Be ready to respond to enquiries regarding your trailer from prospective purchasers. Be quick, courteous, and professionally upfront about the state of your trailer and any potential problems.

Negotiate With Possible Buyers: You can start negotiating the final price once you've gotten offers from prospective purchasers. Be receptive to fair proposals and ready to make concessions if required.

Close The Deal: Once you and the buyer have come to an agreement, it is time to close the deal. Ensure that ownership and title are transferred to the buyer, and take care of any required documentation and payments.

Do RV trailers have a Kelley Blue Book?

Although Kelley Blue Book is a well-known source for estimating car values, they don't have one specifically for KBB RV trailers. You may estimate the value of your vintage travel trailer with the aid of a number of internet resources and publications, including the Vintage Travel Trailer Blue Book.

A thorough resource for figuring out how much vintage travel trailers are worth is the Vintage Travel Trailer Blue Book. NADA RV Guides offer this.

It offers comprehensive details on the various types, producers, and years of production, making it an invaluable resource for individuals who own, collect, or are interested in antique travel trailers.

The guide is consistently updated to reflect the most recent market prices and trends.

The Vintage Travel Trailer Blue Book provides details on a wide range of trailers, from smaller Airstream models to teardrop trailers.

It offers details on elements that may affect a trailer's worth, such as its state, rarity, and unique features.

It also gives a general review of the background and cultural significance of old travel trailers. For anybody interested in purchasing, selling, or renovating antique travel trailers, the guide is a must-have resource.

 It offers a wealth of knowledge that can be used to make informed choices and achieve a fair market value for one's investment.

What is the value of a vintage Camper? Is this the same as a trailer?

A vintage travel trailer cost can differ significantly depending on a number of variables, including its age, condition, rarity, and brand. While a vintage camper and a vintage travel trailer are similar, the former is usually smaller and made to be towed by a smaller vehicle.

A vintage camper can be worth several thousand dollars for a well-used model or tens of thousands of dollars for a very rare, well-preserved unit.

Researching comparable models and, if necessary, getting a professional appraisal are also critical steps in determining the worth of a vintage camper. There are also a lot of things to look for when purchasing a vintage trailer.

The layout, original characteristics, and general condition of the property can all affect its worth. The market for vintage campers has expanded generally in recent years as more collectors and enthusiasts look for these distinctive and fashionable vehicles.