Just as the name suggests, a 3-bedroom RV is a recreational vehicle that has three-bed spaces. These bed spaces are usually composed primarily of a normal bedroom ensuite with a king-sized or queen-sized mattress, with the other two bedding options being either two or a combination of bunk beds, loft beds, or slide-out beds. It is important to note that the positioning of the bedrooms, as well as the type of beds of the RV will strictly depend on the manufacturer.

That being said, 3-bedroom RVs are also referred to as luxury-class RVs, and this is because of the amount of space they offer their users, making them an ideal choice for large families and groups who need more space, privacy, and flexibility. Three-bedroom RVs can be found on various types of RVs including 5th wheels, travel trailers, and even some class-A motorhomes.

Whether you are buying a used or a new rig, there is no doubt that three-bedroom RVs are expensive, but they are some of the best RV's you can buy, and as such, you need to ensure that you find the right one for you, which is why we have researched and gathered The Ultimate List of 3 Bedroom RVs to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Benefits Of Three-Bedroom RVs:


Most 3-bedroom RVs' length ranges from 33 feet up to 45 feet. As such, they provide you with enough room to host multiple people on your rig. This makes sleeping or maneuvering their way comfortably through the rig. Not only that, but the three-bedroom space coupled with the sofas and other convertible furniture provides more sleeping room, which can sleep up to 10 people in the rig.

The large space makes it convenient and similar to a home, giving you enough space also to store all your belongings.

Comfortability and Privacy

Besides providing enough space, another benefit of a 3-bedroom RV is privacy. If you have a family of 4 or 5, a 3-bedroom RV provides each person with a dedicated sleeping space for maximum privacy and comfort.

Cost Effective

Due to the numerous bed spaces available in most 3-bedroom RVs. you should be able to have some friends or family over for your trips without having to worry or pay for motels which adds up.

With this out of the way, let's take a look at the 6 best 3-bedroom RVs:

Keystone Avalanche 390DS:

Highlight Features

RV Type: Fifth Wheel

Dry Weight: 14,330 lbs

Exterior Length: 43 feet

Exterior Height: 13.3 feet

Exterior Width: 8.33 ft.

Fresh Water: 66 gal

Gray Water: 132 gal

Black Water: 98

Awning Size: It comes with two awnings with lengths of 16 ft. and 14 ft.

MSRP: $72,000


Keystone has been a household name in the RV space for decades, and their new 3-bedroom Avalance 390DS is nothing short of high-quality construction.

Starting from the outside, this rig is well-designed, and as stated in the specs, the exterior has two awnings; each with an LED light, and even with the awnings folded in, you can still use the LED lights.

The rig comes with two entrances each with solid steps. One lovely feature about the doors is that they have a friction hinge to prevent the door from slamming hard on the rig whenever you open it or even during high-wind situations.

Each window has a modern frameless design, which makes the rig look sleek and modern. The good thing about these kinds of windows is that you can open them whiles it's raining to enjoy the breeze without having rain entering your rig. That being said, you have the option of upgrading it to a thermal window. Note that upgrading it will mean you will have to give up the sleekness since the thermal window will have the traditional window frame of most RVs.

That being said, overall, this device has every other feature you need in a rig.


  • Kitchen and Entertainment Area:

Once you enter through the main door, you get access to the kitchen and the entertainment area. This section of the rig looks spacious and this is due to the dual opposing slides, giving you enough room for your cooking and to entertain your guest. The kitchen has a center island-style layout, and one thing I must say is that the countertop of the center island is huge for all your meal prep activities. The sink area is divided into two and each has a cover, and in the case where the main prep space isn't enough, the sink area comes with a cover to give you more room.

Underneath the island countertop, you have a storage area for storing all your cooking items; there is also a double trash can drawer that allows you to have two trash cans at a go for disposing of all your waste.

To the side of the island, there is a cooking area as well with all your stove and microwave and above the microwave and beneath the oven, you have a cabinet and a drawer as well. The storage options don't stop there because just beside the burner, you have a prep area as well where you can prepare a quick coffee and whatnot; with tons of cabinets above and beneath the prep area for all your utensils. Again, there is another dedicated prep area adjacent to the fridge with tons of compartments above and beneath as well. With the abundance of storage options, I must say the kitchen of this rig is designed to look like a residential one, especially if you love to cook.

On the other side of the island, you have your free-standing dinette with a drop-leaf end, providing you with more dining space if you need one. Adjacent to the dinette, you have a powered theatre-style couch with LED lighting underneath together with a heating and massage feature. Opposite the couch, you have a TV with a fireplace underneath for those cold winter nights.

  • Bedrooms:

Right off the bat, this rig comes with three dedicated bed spaces, which can sleep up to 6 people comfortably. Two of the bed spaces are fully ensuite, which is why we love this rig, and hence the reason why it has "DS" in its name, which stands for Double Suite.

So, the main bedroom can be located on the right-hand side of the entrance, and before you get into the main bedroom, there is a little stair with a handle--which is a plus--to help you climb the stairs. The bathroom for the main bedroom is exquisite, and it has two entrances; one to the main bedroom, and the other leading you to the other areas of the rig. The bathroom has all you need and there are storage options as well.

Now to the main bedroom, you have a 70" X 80 "king-sized mattress for maximum comfort. Above the head area of the mattress, you have two independent lighting systems for those nights when you want to read a book before you sleep. There is a full wardrobe for storing your clothes, and if that space isn't enough, do not worry because you have some storage room underneath the king-sized bed. There are also washers and dryers to the sides of the closet, allowing you to install your washers and dryers.

There is a bench and a dresser in the main bedroom, and you can install up to a 50" TV above the dresser for your entertainment.

The secondary bedroom can be found on the far left end of the van, and as stated earlier, it has its full bathroom as well. And the great feature about the bathroom is that it can be accessed from the inside and also, through the second door of the rig from the outside, which is great since you or your guest can easily access the bathroom whenever you are outside and need to do so.

The secondary bedroom features a large 60" X 80" queen-sized mattress for a great night's sleep. And to the opposite side of the bed, you have a TV area with two wardrobes on the side, and one underneath the TV area. Again just like with the bed in the main bedroom, the bed in the secondary bedroom comes with storage space underneath to store any personal belongings.

What makes this a 3-bedroom RV is the loft bed area that is above the secondary bedroom; the loft bedroom area measures 97" wide and can fit a queen mattress or two double mattresses; however, it comes with three single mattresses. With a height of 33.5", you can sleep multiple guests in this area without any hassle.

The loft bed area comes with an ac unit coupled with 6 windows, which gives a great view of the outside environment. The windows aren't just there for aesthetics but can be opened for fresh air or in the case of an emergency. However, you need to note that the left area comes with no bed, therefore, you will need to purchase one yourself.

One reason why we love this rig is that you can access your bathroom and loft area comfortably without necessarily having to let your slides out.

Features We Love:

  • Large and numerous storage compartments
  • Luxurious bedding spaces with king and queen mattresses available.
  • Two-door access to the building
  • Theatre-style couch with massage and heating features

Forest River Impression 315MB

Highlight Features

  • RV Type: Fifth Wheel
  • Dry Weight: 10,338 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 38' 0"
  • Exterior Height: 13'2"
  • Exterior Width:96"
  • Fresh Water: 57.00 gals.
  • Gray Water: 62 gals.
  • Black Water: 30 gals.
  • Awning Size: 18'
  • MSRP: $50,000


The Impression 315 MB comes with every exterior feature you would expect in an RV such as an external kitchen, pass-through storage, and whatnot; however, the features that stand out in the exterior of this rig are quite impressive.

One notable feature you will notice is the light-up speakers above the pass-through storage; these look super cool at night, and the sound quality is top-notch.

One great feature as well is that all this rig comes with a lifetime warranted roof, which is something you do not get often from other manufacturers.

In addition, one exterior feature boondocks would love is the fact that you can use the solar outlet for your refrigerators, lights, kettles, blenders, and any 12-volt item.

Besides that, the gel-coat front cap is resistant to fading; therefore, you wouldn't have to worry about restoring it often, and as we know restoring your gel coat can be annoying. That being said, the windows on this rig has no tint; however, there are white shades behind each window, which will keep the interior cool always by reflecting off the light and heat from the sun.

Finally, the rig comes with a friction door, which again prevents the door from slamming into the rig, especially on high-wind days.


  • Kitchen Area and Entertainment Area:

Starting with the interior, the MB on this rig stands for Mid-Bunk and meaning there will be more room in the rear for additional living space. Once you enter the rig, you go right into the kitchen and entertainment area. The kitchen has an island-style layout providing tons of space for maneuvering and cooking.

One notable feature of the kitchen is the ceiling-to-floor pantry available for all your groceries and food items. Next to the pantry, there are various cabinets and drawers for storing utensils as well, and in the middle of that cabinetry, the space is designed to be a coffee preparation stand. And, beneath the kitchen countertop, there is a space available as well providing you with endless storage.

The dinette of this rig takes the shape of a regular free-standing dinner table at home, composed of a table and chairs. The dinner table comes with a drop-leaf design which can be used to provide more space when hosting a guest.

The entertainment area composes of a trifold hab couch, which can be converted into a bed space at night, and a 50-inch tv for maximum entertainment. And to the sides of the tv is a small cabinet for storing your entertainment items or gadgets. Beneath the TV, you have a nice-looking electric fireplace and a soundbar that can be used to control either the indoor sound or the outdoor sound system independently.

  • Bedrooms:

Adjacent to the entertainment area, there is a door that leads to the secondary bedroom. This bedroom comprises two-bed spaces; a 30" by 74" flip-down upper bank, and beneath it is a 60" x 74" versa queen mattress that can be folded into a couch. There is a desk and a wardrobe available as well. However, with the availability of an outlet, the desk can be used as a TV stand. Just above the secondary bedroom is a loft area with a 60 x 70 queen-sized bed. It comes with shelves as well for any storage.

Finally, we have the main bedroom, where there is a 60x80 fully fledged queen-sized mattress--making 3 queen-sized mattresses in total. There are three dedicated wardrobes together with other shelves in the main bedroom, providing you with tons of storage. One thing I love about their closet is that the main closet has three mirrors, which makes the whole area aesthetically pleasing. Just above the bed, you have access to a window for natural lighting-- and underneath the bed, there is additional storage space.

Also, the main bedroom comes with a dedicated space for your washer and dryer, which is something you do not get with other rigs. Again, you have the option of using this space as additional storage if you do not have a washer or dryer. With so many bedding options, this rig can comfortably sleep up to 9 people.

The bathroom can be located between the main bedroom and the secondary bedroom. Making it easy for anyone in any of the bedrooms to access the bathroom with ease. And one thing I must say is that the bathroom comes with lots of legroom.

Coachmen Apex 300BHS Travel Trailer

Highlight Features

RV Type: Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 5,975 lbs

Exterior Length: 34' 5"

Exterior Height: 10' 1"

Exterior Width:96"

Fresh Water: 50.00 gal

Gray Water: 35.00 gal

Black Water: 35.00 gal

Awning Size: 18'

MRSP: $30,000


The exterior of this unit has some amazing features that are worth mentioning. The first of which is an LED light in front of the hitch, which can be useful at night to help you easily hook up the trailer to your vehicle. However, one feature that makes this vehicle an aesthetic beauty is the beautiful frameless front windshield coupled which allows tons of natural light to get into the rig; the amount of light that gets into the rig can be controlled with the inside shade. And the front windshield has some blue LED lighting on each side, which makes this rig beautiful to look at at night.

Also, each opening or compartment on the outside features a magnetic flange door, making it effortless for you to open any compartment. And this magnetic feature also ensures that the door stays open the whole time until you close it. Just like the Avalanche 390Ds and other rigs on this list, the Apex 300 BHS features a frameless window throughout for a more modern look.

One feature that they did well is the large outdoor kitchen area, and even though all rigs on our list have outdoor kitchen areas, this rig is large.

Another commendable exterior feature is the speakers. You have the option of playing only the external speakers or only the internal speakers or both simultaneously, which is something you do not get with other rigs.

Besides, these, the Coachmen Apex 300BHS has all the exterior features you need from an RV.


  • The Kitchen and Entertainment Area:

The kitchen and entertainment area can be located on the left side of the entrance. To the immediate left of the entrance, you have the dinette, and to the opposite, there is a couch. The couch is adjacent to the kitchen, and this couch is converted into a double bed, for more sleeping space. Not only that but the dinette can also be converted into a double bed, giving you tons of sleeping room.

The entertainment area (the TV and sound system) can be found in front of the entrance, and even though it has a simple aesthetic, one thing I love about the TV unit is that it has a swivel, which allows you to turn the TV around between the main bedroom and the entertainment area. There is a cabinet above and underneath the TV area, allowing you to store any electrical gadgets you may have.

The kitchen features a simple countertop, with tons of space for your meal prep and whatnot. One lovely feature about the kitchen is that the oven lights up, and it has a cover which when closed, gives you more working area. The sink comes with a cover as well as provides more working space. When it comes to storage there is a reasonable amount of storage, around the oven and underneath the sink, and there are some cabinets above the couch as well.

  • Bedroom

While the Avalanche 390DS is designed to have more kitchen space, the interior of the Coachmen Apex 300BHS is designed to have more sitting/sleeping space.

Right through the entrance, there is an opening on the right side that leads straight to the main bedroom. The main bedroom can be accessed via the sliding door, giving you total privacy. The main bedroom features a fully-fledged 60 x 80" queen-sized mattress. There are two wardrobes on either side of the bed and if that isn't enough there is a storage space underneath the bed and all you need to do is to flip up the bed to access it. Unlike some models on our list, there is a window above the bed area to allow for natural light into the room, but there are two lights on either end as well which you can turn on at night.

However, unlike the Avalance 390 DS, the main bedroom of the Coachmen Apex 300 BHS isn't ensuite. The bathroom can be located down the hallway just after the kitchen (adjacent to the dinette), and just after the bathroom, you have the secondary bedroom composed of two bedding areas.

To the left of the secondary bedroom, you have a 30x74-inch bunk bed with a storage/wardrobe underneath it. And to the right, you have a bunk bed with a futon bed underneath and a normal overhead bunk bed above the futon bed. The futon bed can be converted into two single mattresses in case where you need to sleep an extra person. This means you can have up to 4 people sleeping comfortably on the secondary mattress.

With all these bedding options available, the Coachmen Apex Lite 300 BHS has 4 bedding spaces in the two bedrooms, with two auxiliary bedding options (the couch and dinette) allowing you to sleep up to 10 people comfortably.

Features We Love:

  • Tons of sleeping space
  • Large outdoor kitchen space
  • Affordable price point
  • Sleeps up to 10 people

Della Terra 271BH ( A Travel Trailer)

Highlight Features:

  • RV Type: Travel Trailer
  • Dry Weight: 6,835 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 34' 4"
  • Exterior Height: 11'
  • Exterior Width:96"
  • Fresh Water: 40.00 gal
  • Gray Water: 60 gal
  • Black Water: 30 gal
  • Awning Size: 15'
  • MSRP: $30,000

Even though East to West is relatively new in the RV manufacturing space, they have quickly risen to be a part of the top RV manufacturers in the country, and their Della Terra 271BH makes our list.


The outdoor look of this rig might not be as aesthetic as our first two options; however, one amazing feature of this rig is that it has two doors just like the Avalanche 390 DS, each with a three-step solid step for easy access to the rig, and the amazing feature about these two doors is that the second (rear) door leads directly to the bathroom for easy access.

Besides that, unlike the frameless window of the other two options, the windows on this rig are framed, and while the tradeoff for these kinds of windows tends to be a decrease in aesthetics, they tend to be more robust than frameless windows.

Also, this rig comes with two lights at the hitch area to make it easy for you to see at night whenever you want to hitch the trailer.


  • Kitchen and Entertainment Area:

To the left side of the entrance, you go right into the entertainment area and the kitchen. One thing I love about the entertainment area is that it has a great design such that the TV area has some cabinets above with some shelves underneath, making the area look appealing. And to top it all off, there is a fireplace as well.

Besides that, there is a dedicated section for the dinette and the couch area, which have been specced with some LED lights for improved visibility and aesthetics of the area. The dinette has some storage compartments underneath for more storage as well. That being said, the couch together with the dinette can be converted into bed spaces, providing more bedding options.

The kitchen has an L-shaped design, providing you with enough area for your cooking; the stove also comes with a cover for additional space when closed. There are a couple of cabinets above the kitchen with cabinets below to allow you to store any utensils you might have. However, one amazing feature is the presence of a pantry right after the refrigerator which can be used to store all your food items. The kitchen also has a dedicated window and it is near the door as well, allowing for more natural light into the rig, which can help you save some power during the day.

  • Bedrooms:

Right through the first door, the main bedroom is located on the right side. The main bedroom has a king-sized mattress for maximum comfort. To ensure there is privacy, the bedroom comes with a door. Inside the main bedroom, there are tons of outlet options such as a USB port and an electrical outlet, allowing you to charge a wide variety of electrical gadgets. And even though there are quite several shelves present, they could have been quite bigger. However, the lack of space with the shelves is compensated for by the availability of a large storage space underneath the king-sized bed. By simply lifting the mattress, you get access to a large storage space to store all your clothes and whatnot.

But one thing I love about the main bedroom is the fact that there are two lamps above the headboard, which can be turned on and off independently. Finally, with the main bedroom, there is an option to install a TV on the wall, thanks to the availability of a cable hookup and a light switch.

Just after the pantry you have your washroom, with everything you need. And opposite the pantry, you have your secondary bedroom which comprises two bunk beds with lighting above and two windows on the side together with electrical outlets and USB ports. However, the only thing separating the secondary bedroom from the whole rig is a curtain, which makes it easy for someone to come in or go out. Each of the bunks comes with a light. window and power outlet, allowing for total privacy and comfort.

The rig also features a fully-fitted bathroom, with all you need to get, and you can access the bathroom with the entrance from the outside, as well as, from the inside.

What We Love:

  • Affordable
  • Tons of space for maneuverability
  • Tons of bedding options.

Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

Highlight Features

  • RV Type: Class C Motorhome
  • Exterior Length: 39.08 ft. (469 in.)
  • Interior Height: 7'
  • Exterior Width: 8.42 ft. (101 in.)
  • Fresh Water: 100 gal
  • Gray Water: 80 gal
  • Black Water: 80 gal
  • Awning Size: 21.5 ft.
  • MSRP: $273,750


The exterior of this rig features some commendable features. The first of which is a power-heated mirror coupled with a side camera underneath the camera.

Even though this rig comes with compartment doors just like most motorhomes, one outstanding feature about the storage compartment of this rig is that they are covered with a Rotocast which provides soft cushioning for your luggage just like a carpet does but then, but the added benefit of a Rotocast lining is that it is easy to clean or rinse compared to a carpet since the dirt doesn't get stuck as it would with a carpet. That being said, this coach comes with tons of exterior storage options as well.

One more thing you will love about this rig is the fact that the suspension system has been upgraded with that of a MORyde suspension system which protects your trailer from road shocks and keeps your frame stress-free.


  • The Driving Area

The driving area has all the features you will expect from a motorhome; however, one thing we like about this driving area is the amount of space in the dash of the passenger seat. There is a dedicated workspace on the dash of the passenger seat for passengers to engage in some work activity while driving.

  • Kitchen and Entertainment Area

Right from the driving area, you enter the entertainment area, the flooring of the entertainment area together with that of the whole rig is made of beautiful vinyl tile, which isn't only aesthetically pleasing but is also easy to get rid of dirt and stains.

I must say there isn't a dedicated entertainment area in this rig; the TV and soundbar hover over the dinette, and one feature I love about their dinette is that there are cup holders available. Opposite the dinette is a 68" jackknife sofa, which can be folded into a bed at night.

To the side of the dinette, you have the kitchen, which has a solid countertop and all the appliances you need to make your meal. Inside the kitchen, there isn't much storage space beside the cabinets above and below the sink.

  • Bedroom

Right from the kitchen, you have your secondary bedroom to the side, and this bedroom comprises a 27" x 24" bunk bed, and right opposite the secondary bedroom, you have a full bathroom for the secondary bathroom which can be used by your guests as well. Adjacent to the bedroom, you have a compartment that is primarily designed for your washer and dryer; however, you can use that as a storage compartment as well. Also, there are more storage compartments besides the washer and dryer area, so, you do have a place to keep your clothes.

Now inside the main bedroom, you have a 72" by 76" king bedroom which is a Serta mattress, which is super comfortable to lay on. Another amazing feature of this bed is that it is a tilting bed, which can be inclined into any of the available angles. There are two lights at either end of the bed which have independent switches, so if you want to stay up at night whiles in bed, you can go ahead and turn any of the lights on. Also, there are two tiny windows at each end of the bed for more visibility.

The main bedroom also has a dedicated full bathroom, making this rig a 3 bed two bath motorhome, and with the addition of the foldable couch, it means this rig is capable of sleeping up to 6 people comfortably.

Features We Love:

  • Serta king-sized mattress
  • Working area for passenger side
  • Great tiling
  • Tons of bedding space.

Coachmen Sportscoach RD 402TS

Highlight Features

  • RV Type: Motorhome
  • Exterior Length: 41' 1"
  • Exterior Height: 12' 10"
  • Exterior Width: 102"
  • Fresh Water: 89.00 gal
  • Gray Water: 104 gal
  • Black Water: 52 gal
  • Awning Size: 18'
  • MSRP: $230,000


The exterior of this rig comes with everything you will expect from a motorhome and more. Two applaudable features are the 17" side mirrors and the camera placed near the step. The 17-inch mirror ensures that the driver gets a full view of their sides and rear, eliminating any blind spots. The camera also provides great coverage of the rear and sides, and unlike other rigs where the camera is placed together with the mirror, this rig has its camera placed beneath giving you total coverage.


  • Driver Area:

The driver area features two swivel chairs; one for the driver and the other for the passenger. One thing I love about this design is that the driver and the passenger seat are separated by a moderate distance, ensuring that the driver stays fully focused. The passenger seat on the other hand comes with a power step area to make coming in and out of the rig easy.

Another lovely feature of the dashboard is that it features a 20-degree sight right dash, in which the inclination provides a great view, giving you up to a 30 feet view of the road.

  • Entertainment and Kitchen Area:

The kitchen and entertainment area are well-designed and modern as well. With the kitchen countertop, you get an induction heating surface, which is something you don't see on most rigs. Also, there are compartments above and beneath the cooking area for storage. The entertainment area consists of a 50" TV above the 42" x 88" dinette, which can be converted into a bed as well. There is a pantry next to the refrigerator for strong all your groceries.

  • Bedrooms:

This rig has a ton of bedding options. Starting from the entrance, you have a 54" x 75" loft drop-down bed above the driver's area, which can be easily brought down and up via the motorized handle.

Besides that, there are two bunk beds which are kind of enclosed behind a foldable door. However, this bunk bed area can act as a wardrobe space by simply folding up the bunk beds. Opposite the bunk beds, you have your full bathroom for your guest and visitors who use the other bedrooms.

There is a main bedroom, which has a comfortable king-size mattress. The main bedroom comes with its TV area, with two wardrobes on the side, together with storage compartments underneath. The main bedroom also comes with a bathroom, as well as a washer and drier prep which can be used as an extra wardrobe if need be.

In total this rig has 5 bedding spaces: the bed above the driver area, the dinette, the bunk beds, and the main bedroom, allowing you to sleep 8 people comfortably.

What We Like:

  • Inclined dashboard for a better view
  • Tons of sleeping space
  • Swivel chairs for both driver and passenger seats
  • Drop down bed above the driver is super cool.