Kelley Blue Book RV Pricing Tips You Should Know

Having your home on the road is like living the dream. It is mostly done by retirees who would like to answer the calling of the open road and still have a good place to sleep at night. This kind of big car needs careful research before making the decision to buy one, which is why we have our top picks of best RV's of the year.

The most common of point sources which provides an easy reference for values of different makes and models of motor homes is the Kelley Blue Book. It is the staple source for the market value of any car. This provides you with the information that will put you in the best position for success in making the best deals during the negotiation.

First step is to narrow down the type of motor home that you are interested in. We should take note that it comes in varied forms and the market is full of it.

The selection includes the more traditional self-contained coach recreational vehicles, and then there is the be-mounted truck campers in which the RV is connected to the truck’s bed. The last one is the chassis mounted campers. This type is mounts the RV on to the truck frame.

As you may have noticed, instead of motor homes, RV is being used. Remember that both are the same. Motor homes can also be called as recreational vehicles or in short, RVs.

You can also narrow it further down by picking a specific coach design. The coach design is associated with the vehicles size. If you look it up in the Kelley Blue Book RV section, it is being represented by abbreviations such as MH which stands for Motor Home Design. Additionally, here are more of the abbreviations that you might be able to see inside the Kelley Blue Book: MMH which means Mini-Motor Home, MMMH which stands for Micro Mini Motor Home, a Towing Vehicle is represented by a T, V stands for a Van coach design, and lastly is the SC which represents the Self Contained Recreational Vehicle.

Next on the list is determining the number of axles available on the motor home. It is important to determine this aspect because it also affects the true value of the recreational vehicle. The more axles the motor home has the higher the possibility that the market value of the RV becomes higher as well. It also helps you choose the perfect model which suits your style. In addition, the Kelley Blue Book RV further breaks down the recreational vehicles into its weight, length, and its width. These factors also affect the market value of the RV thus should be specified as well. Moreover, it helps the system narrow down your choices.

Use the tabs located at the sides to locate the section which is labeled Motor Homes. Then search for the correct RV that suits you. It is alphabetically arranged according to its manufacturer, sorted by year form oldest to latest, and broken down into their specific models.

The cross reference section of the Blue Book can be sued to accurately cross match models to its manufacturer. This can be used if you doubt the knowledge you hold.

Notes above the cars shows the manufacturer and model shows important information that may determine which one you will buy. In addition, it also helps them determine which are still being produced and what standard equipments it has which may be different from the others.

You should also take a look at the columns of the recreational vehicle of your choosing. This will enable you to view the value of the car when used for trade-in, private parties, or its suggested retail price.

It may also pay to check the RVs mileage and equipments that you have inside the RV you desire or in the one you have. Its mileage will either decrease or increase the value, while the equipment will definitely increase it.

Though it is a guarantee that you will be able to look up any value in the online Kelley Blue Book RV section, recreational vehicles cannot. It can only be seen in its printed version.

And remember a few more steps before pulling the trigger with the deal: compare, appraise, and consider the price ranges that you have gathered. When all of this is done carefully, you will be able to get the best deals in the market available.